Online dating: how come, that the future is after it?

Nowadays we live in the age of new technologies; we live in the age when the technical progress basically launched in all kinds of human’s activity.  But the wave of restructure, modification, reorganization and definitely new view on everything around us touched not only the practical part of life but the spiritual and sensible also. The interesting fact is that earlier suggested type of datings have become wildly effective.

If you have some spiritual need, you could get it more easily now then twenty years before – just by registering on the dating sites. First tries to give people chances to realize their dreams in love field dated by 1995 year. Since it has been suggested probably many new happy families advising this kind of meeting for lonely people. Or maybe not?

If not, why they don’t?

Let us try to find positive and negative theories about online dating.

First of all, life is incredibly fooled of many surprises. Theoretically site which proposed you to find your second half is working for you and for your happiness.  In many agencies people get a chance to meet a person from the other part of the world, what could be continued and proceed to marriage. If you want, youcould take a psychological support of professional doctor, take courses of the foreign language, even change your style in clothes, make-up, style of your life.

I will take it as a positive influence on your life.

But… What if you are already married to good and normal person. You thought you met your special one. And suddenly you registered on the dating site where you find Him or Her? Should we consider these sites as a kee for simple temptation?

In the result we understand that dating service is very effective all over the world. The reasons for it’s popularity are still unclear. Maybe moments of the first see were substitute for web-camera look? And smell of perfume, sincere smile, and other special moments will be unimportant in the future, because you already met who you asked for?

We admitted about the positive side of online dating service. It helps you to find your friend, wife, husband, even partner to be with. It is all oriented on the one important for a human happiness part of life– Love. “To understand the sense of your being here you should get in love”, -they said. Gladly we found that many families were borned with a help of dating service. But many of them have their living in understanding because they work at relationships every next day. They try to change, to develop their positive strains, to hear their partner and give attention to it. They know that you should learn yourself as well to understand another people.

In book of Gary Chapman “The five love languages” the author introduce us the 5 types of love. Maybe in the nearest future we will have one more language- online dating one?