Colombian girl. Travel to Colombia.

Colombian girl. Travel to Colombia.

Colombian girl. How to find the ideal wife in Colombia?
For the answer to this question it is necessary to dispel some myths about Colombia.

Myth 1. Colombia is a crime and narcotics.

Problems with crime here really are. It is simple to buy narcotics or gun here.

But on streets it is quiet, the police works and controls a situation.

But in Colombia in almost every city there are areas in which it is better not to go. Colombians don’t come into these districts. The police and the law don’t work also there.

Here it is always necessary to be careful.

Myth 2. All Colombian girls want to leave Colombia.

This is not true. There family really has a special attitude. Children love and care about the parents. They rarely leaving his house forever.

Myth 3. Here well know English.

It is the absolute myth. Very few Colombians know English.
If to meet the Colombian girl on the street you and she well understands and says English then rather everything is danger. Usually girls are bound to criminals and will entice you to the place where bandits can rob you. Or there can be this girl will show that it is in love with you and will drive you on shops that you bought by her gifts. When your purse is empty it will leave you.
Therefore the girl who isn’t knowing English will be a girl from Colombia which will sincerely want the relations with you most likely.
Main tongue here Spanish. And you need to learn though several phrases in Spanish.

Myth 4. Here it is easy to find the girl for one night.

It is the myth also. To take out the prostitute and it is possible, but it is possible in any country of the world. Colombia not an exception, but will get acquainted and in the same night it to appear with the Colombian beauty in one bed is a myth. Only present you in unfamiliar the city, you don’t know Spanish even if you are able to tempt girls how you will make it without knowing tongue?

Myth 5. Here it is bad with hygiene.
It is the myth too. Here very hot. Therefore if for Europeans or the American the norm is a douche of times a day, then Colombians take a shower 2 or 3 times a day.

Myth 6. Here hot.

Here not hot here very hot.

Myth 7. All Colombian girls of the beauty.

It is the myth also. Here really there are a lot of beautiful girls. But the main part of girls are girls as well as everywhere.

But with the small reservation. Here treat beauty really seriously.
The best gift for the girl to majority operation on breast size augmentation is considered. In general here plastic surgeries do very many.

The Universe – Colombians is a lot of super models, actresses, Miss World and Ms.

Therefore here yes there is a lot of beautiful girls. All girls of super model? No!

Myth 8. Visit of night club.

Yes it is really interesting, but it is dangerous also.
The first – you can fall a victim of bandits.
The second – swindlers.
It is necessary to be attentive with alcohol. Here not quality alcohol, very strong, drink much here.

Colombia beautiful country. The Colombian girls are beautiful. Your travel will be interesting to you. Only be careful.

The 50 Hottest Colombian Women

The 50 Hottest Colombian Women (Photos and Bio)

50. Sofia Jaramillo


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model

Born in Colombia in 1989, Sofia Jaramillo at age 15 began her career as an actress and at 18 years old she started to model. This beauty that can be found on the covers of international magazines, so keep your eyes open for the gorgeous Sofia!

49. Daniela Ramos


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Beauty queen

Daniela Ramos Lalinde (born February 8, 1988) is a Colombian designer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Mundo Colombia 2009 and represented Colombia at Miss World 2009 where she placed Top 7.

48. Natalia Villaveces


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Actress/model

Natalia Villaveces is a TV host, writer, producer and blogger.

47. Adriana Arboleda


Hometown: Cali
Occupation: Model/TV personality

Adriana Arboleda (born 1978) is a Colombian model and presenter.
At the age of 15, Adriana began her career in modeling and won the contest in the 1995 Model Year. In 1996, she was appointed to Look of the Year and she has been on the cover of magazines like Vanity and Cosmopolitan.
In 2001, Adriana also ventured into acting on the hit Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea.
In 2003, her debuts as a host of entertainment was in the CM & newscast, but she had appeared on programs such as Panorama, American Blind and QAP News. A few months later, Adriana went on to present the section of entertainment at Caracol Noticias, next to the model and also Lina Marulanda.
With the release of the news Marulanda, Arboleda came to lead the entertainment section for issuing, along with Ivan Lalinde, she continued to show that section in issuing the 19:00, next to the model, Catalina Gomez. It also leads with Ursula Varges, Habitat program channel cable Discovery Home and Health.
On July 7, 2007, Adriana presented the expert in music of the W Radio (Colombia), Manolo Bellon, the telecast for Colombia’s Live Earth.

46. Maria Cristina Diaz-Granados


Hometown: Valledupar
Occupation: Beauty queen/mode

María Cristina Díaz-Granados Dangond (born November 5, 1986 in Valledupar, Colombia) is a Colombian model and the winner of the title Miss Colombia International 2007-2008 (1st runner-up at Miss Colombia 2007). She represented Colombia at the Miss International 2008 pageant, where she placed as 1st runner-up to Alejandra Andreu of Spain.
The first runner-up placement at Miss International 2008 is also coincide with the winner of Miss Colombia 2007, Taliana Vargas’s same title at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. While Cristina Camargo who was placed as 2nd runner-up at the same pageant with them, who later became the new winner of Miss Intercontinental 2008 held in Poland.

45. Jeymmy Vargas


Hometown: Cartagena de Indias
Occupation: Beauty queen/model

Jeymmy Paola Vargas Gómez (born 16 June 1983) is a Colombian beauty queen, actress and model who became Reina Internacional del Café 2004 and the third Colombian to win the title of Miss International in 2004.

44. Katherine Medina


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Beauty queen

Katherine Medina is a beauty queen who represented Colombia in Miss World 2008 in South Africa. She studied Public Accounting in school.

43. Angie Valencia


Hometown: Barranquilla
Occupation: Beauty queen/model

Angie Sanselmente Valencia also known as Angie Sanclemente Valencia (born 25 May 1979) is a former Colombian beauty queen and lingerie model believed to be the ringleader of one of the world’s largest drug syndicates.

42. Reina Moncada


Hometown: Norte de Santander
Occupation: DJ, actress

DJ Reina Moncada may be the only Playmate who could make a decent playlist for boning. Not that we’d discourage other Playmates from making their own…as long we’re there when it plays.

Reina Moncada is an actress, known for Prima della felicità (2010).
41. Amparo Grisales


Hometown: Manizales
Occupation: Actress

Amparo Grisales born on September 19, 1956. She is a Colombian actress. She starred in the 2007 Telemundo serial Madre Luna (“Mother Moon”). She also appeared with tenor Plácido Domingo in a music video of the Peruvian song, “La Flor de la Canela”, from his 1994 Grammy-nominated album, De Mi Alma Latina.

40. Laura Palacio


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Beauty queen

Laura Palacio, born Laura Marcela Palacio Restrepo, is a Colombian model and beauty queen who is best known for winning Miss Mundo Colombia in 2010. She represented her country in the Miss World pageant held in Sanya, China in the same year.

39. Alexa Vega

AUSTIN, TX - SEPTEMBER 19: Actress Alexa Vega arrives at the world premiere of "Machete Kills" during the opening night of Fantastic Fest at the Alamo Drafthouse on September 19, 2013 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)
AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 19: Actress Alexa Vega arrives at the world premiere of “Machete Kills” during the opening night of Fantastic Fest at the Alamo Drafthouse on September 19, 2013 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Actress

Alexa Ellesse PenaVega(born August 27, 1988) is an American actress and singer.

Alexa Vega was born in Miami, Florida but spent the first four years of her life on a ranch in Ocala, Florida. Her father is Colombian and her mother, Gina Rue, is an American former model.

38. Sonia Uribe


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Journalist/TV personality

Sonia Uribe Angulo is a Colombian journalist.

Uribe was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She grew up in Texas. She attended the University of the Incarnate Word and received a Bachelor in Communication Arts degree in Journalism. She then went on to pursue a master’s degree in Television Journalism at the University of London, UK.

Her first break into entertainment reporting began with a local CBS Affiliate Morning show in the USA, alongside former Miss USA 1994 Lu Parker. Uribe now calls London home.


Uribe has worked on a variety of different television productions, including documentaries, current affairs and lifestyle programming, and she hosted the TV series The Sonia Uribe Files.Uribe is currently working as a global freelance TV presenter and model.

37. Veronica Orozco


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Actress/singer

Verónica Orozco (born Verónica Orozco Aristizábal on June 8, 1979) is a Colombian actress and singer.

Orozco was a part of the Colombian TV musical show Okidoki, which led her to release three albums under the group name Okidoki in the early 1990s. In 2006 Orozco started her solo career releasing the successful album Verónica Orozco. Her first single was “Las bragas”, which had a lot of controversy around the lyrics suggesting lesbianism. Her second single was “Miénteme”. It won an award for “Video del Año” (video of the year) in Los Premios Shock (Shock Awards). Her third single was “descarada”. She performed the song in Los Premios TV y Novelas and at one of the Nuestra Tierra 2007 concerts.

She is currently starring in a new Colombian TV show called Protegido airing on the RCN Colombian Channel. The program first aired on May 6, 2007.
She also participated in the 2006 La Mega: Nuestra Tierra concerts, which showcased Colombian performers.

Verónica is actually filming with her role as Lina in Los Protegidos. She later stated she would focus again in her music career and her second studio album was expected in mid-2009, but as of today no reports have been made about she whether will be or not hitting the studio again to record new songs.

36. Danna Garcia


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress

Danna Maria García Osuna (born February 4, 1978) is a Colombian actress and model best known for her roles in telenovelas.

35. Jery Sandoval


Hometown: Barranquilla
Occupation: Actress/singer

Jery Sandoval (born 18 December 1986, in Barranquilla, Colombia) is an actress, model and singer. In Colombia, she is known for her role of María Reyes in Los Reyes, a Colombian version of an Argentinian telenovela called Los Roldán. She also starred on the Televisa Mexican telenovela Código Postal as Regina Corona. Most recently, she appeared on MTV LA’s Popland television series.

34. Paolo Andrea Rey


Hometown: Bucaramanga
Occupation: Actress

Paola Andrea Rey Arciniegas (born December 19, 1979 in San Gil, Santander, Colombia) is a Colombian actress and model.
She has worked in a number of Colombian telenovelas, including The Baby Sister, Pasión de Gavilanes, and La mujer en el espejo.
She has appeared in several films, including Como el gato y el raton, which won awards in several international competitions., and The Private Archives of Pablo Escobar
She also works as a model, appearing on the cover of the Fall, 2005 edition “Fuego”, and has been the face of Neutrogena

33. Paola Turbay


Hometown: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Actress

Paola Turbay Gómez (born November 29, 1970) is a Colombian-American actress, model, beauty queen, and television presenter.

Of Lebanese descent and related to Julio César Turbay Ayala, Turbay represented Bogotá in the Miss Colombia beauty pageant, which she won in 1991.

She was the first runner-up in the 1992 Miss Universe competition

After finishing her studies in psychology at the Universidad de los Andes, Turbay focused on her career as a model and presenter in entertainment news segments on Noticias QAP and Noticiero C newscasts, as well as an actress, with shows like Hola Paola (“Hello Paola”) during the 1990s. In 2005 she was the official presenter, with Miguel Varoni, of the National Beauty Pageant. She has also made cameo appearances in several Colombian series like O todos en la cama, Ecomoda (sequel to Betty la fea) and Leche (“Milk”).

After studying acting in Hollywood, Florida, Turbay became the main character of the RCN TV comedy Noticias calientes (“Hot News”) in 2002. Two years later she would star the telenovela Las noches de Luciana (“The Nights of Luciana”) and in 2006 would present the Colombian version of Dancing with the Stars, Bailando por un Sueño. Paola has also made brief appearances in films such as Lenny the Wonder Dog and Love in the Time of Cholera.

In 2007, Turbay played Isabel Vega on the CBS series Cane, which was canceled in May 2008 after only one season. In 2008 she has been participating as a recurring guest star on the ABC series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

She also guested on the Showtime series Californication (Season 2, ep. 8, “Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills”) and had a recurring role as an LAPD detective during the fifth season of TNT’s The Closer.
On Jan. 6, 2010, she played the role of Beatriz on the CBS series The Mentalist (Season 3, ep. 11, “Bloodsport”).

Paola has been cast on the role of Antonia Gavilán de Logroño for the fourth season of the HBO series True Blood airing in 2011

Starting in 2010, she had a recurring role on Royal Pains as Marissa Cassaras, Boris’s love interest, and mother of his son.

32. Nawal Ayoub


Hometown: Barranquilla
Occupation: Model

Nawal Michelle Ayoub Valderrama is a Colombian, from Lebanese ancestry, beauty queen. During 2004, she represented Bogota, as Miss Bogota, in the Miss Colombia beauty peageant. Also, She was crowned Miss Earth Lebanon 2014 and competed in the Miss Earth 2014 pageant

31. Vanessa Mendoza


Hometown: Chocó
Occupation: Beauty queen/model

Vanessa Alexandra Mendoza Bustos (born 1981), better known simply as Vanessa Mendoza, is a Colombian actress and fashion model who held the Miss Colombia title in 2001, being the first Afro-Colombian to win that contest.

Mendoza is a native of the Chocó Department, Colombia. She grew up in a small village named Ungia. Mendoza grew up in poverty, and she was one of a group of sixteen siblings. Her father died when she was still young, leaving her mother to care for her and her fifteen brothers and sisters. Despite the poor conditions in which her family lived, she showed early interest in becoming a model, and began pursuing that career.

Mendoza became Miss Chocó in 2001, a year in which Miss Colombia was facing a racial scandal. She became the first Black Miss Colombia, winning the title over first runner up, Consuelo Guzmán Parra. Despite suspicion that she had won the contest so that rumors about racism in it would be eradicated, Mendoza became popular among Colombians, who gave her the nickname “Black Barbie”. Mendoza was the object of an official reception in Cartagena after her victory, where she declared that she was about representing her race and country. Mendoza replaced Andrea Noceti as Miss Colombia. Prior to winning Miss Colombia, Mendoza had become the only contestant of the pageant’s 2001 version not to admit having a plastic surgery done for the contest. Mendoza participated in the Miss Universe 2002 pageant, winning the Best National Costume award.
On March 2, 2005, she and United States comedian Chris Tucker were the key speakers at a speech in Benedict College.

30. Carolina Gaitan


Hometown: Villavicencio
Occupation: Actress/singer

Gaitan was a communications student before she chose to drop out and try her hand at acting. We’re not saying education isn’t necessary, but maybe all hot and talented women should try to see if they have a future where they get to be sexy on camera. Just a thought.

29. Catalina Sandino Moreno


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Actress

Catalina Sandino Moreno (born April 19, 1981) is a Colombian actress. She shared the Silver Bear with Charlize Theron and received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Maria Full of Grace (2004).

28. Sara Corrales


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress

Sara Corrales (born 27 December 1985 in Medellín)is a Colombian actress, model, and dancer. She is renowned for her appearance on the 2004 telenovela Todos quieren con Marilyn as Catalina Osorio, a role which won her the TV y Novelas award to the revelation of the year, the 2008 telenovela Vecinos where she played the evil Jessica, which also earned her a nomination for the favorite villain on the TV y Novelas award in 2009 and El Señor de los Cielos (2013).

27. Karen Bray


Hometown: Unavailable
Occupation: Model

Karen Bray is an actress, known for Los Herederos del Monte (2011).

26. Angie Cepeda


Hometown: Cartagena de Indias
Occupation: Actress

Angélica María Cepeda Jiménez (born 2 August 1974), professionally known as Angie Cepeda, is a Colombian actress. She is probably the best known for her roles in telenovela Pobre Diabla and films Captain Pantoja and the Special Services and Love in the Time of Cholera. She is the younger sister of actress Lorna Paz.

25. Catalina Denis


Hometown: Paris, France
Occupation: Actress/model

Catalina Zarate Denis is a Colombian actress and model, currently residing and working in France. Denis made her film debut in 2007 with a brief appearance in the French comedy Taxi 4. She played a striptease dancer in the 2010 film Le Mac. Most recently, she plays the butt-kicking girlfriend of David Belle’s character in Brick Mansions, the last film Paul Walker completed before his death in 2013. She was also part of the main cast of ABC’s new show “The Whispers”.

24. Maria Fernando Yepez


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress/model

María Fernanda Yépes Alzate (born December 23, 1980 in Medellín, Colombia) is a Colombian actress and model. She is mostly known for playing Yésica “La Diabla”, a crude and manipulative girl who worked recruiting, selecting, and leading groups of women for whom drug dealers would pay in advance to receive sexual services in return in the Telemundo hit series Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. She also played the title role in the Colombian television series Rosario Tijeras.

23. Lupe Fuentes


Hometown: Cali
Occupation: Porn star

Lupe Fuentes (born Zuleidy Piedrahita on January 27, 1987) is a Colombian house music producer, DJ, and former pornographic actress. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Fuentes has been married to singer and actor Evan Seinfeld since 2011.

22. Natalia Paris


Hometown: Medellín
Occupation: Model

Natalia París Gaviria (born August 12, 1973, Medellín, Colombia) is a Colombian model, She is one of the most recognized models in Colombia and offers her own brand of personal care products under her name.

21. Ana Sofia Henao


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model

Colombian fashion model, nicknamed “Lolita.”
She was born June 19, 1981 in Medellin, Colombia.
He began acting in 13 years.
When she was 16, she starred for the directory Onda de Mar. After that, it came to prominence.

20. Sandra Valencia


Hometown: Medellín
Occupation: Model

Not only does Valencia model lingerie, but she’s also a fashion student. May she continue the tradition of designing skimpy outfits for future generations.

19. Manuela Arbelaez


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress/model

Manuela Arbeláez Correa (born September 9, 1988) is a Colombian-born American model and actress, perhaps best known for her work on the television game show The Price Is Right.

18. Andrea Serna


Hometown: Cali
Occupation: Model/TV personality

Andrea Serna is a famous Colombian model, TVe presenter (RCN TV News), reporter, TV show hostess, radio DJ and TV producer.
She was born in Caldas, but she was raised in Santiago de Cali and lives in Bogotá. she was married to Colombian TV producer Frank Scheuermann. They divorced in early 2009.
In 2005 she was the hostess and co-producer of Colombian version of The X Factor singer talent contest.
In 2007 she was the co-hostess of the TV game show El Jugador (the Colombian version of the British show PokerFace).
She made a cameo role in the novela “Betty La Fea” (the original Ugly Betty) as herself (an entertainment presenter).
Most of her family live in Manizales, Colombia

17. Angelica Casanas


Hometown: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Model/video vixen

The model/dancer/actress, seen in countless music videos and now as Lady Hennessy, is better known as “Ms. Curves.” Bet it took them hours to come up with that one.

16. Esperanza Gomez


Hometown: Belalcázar
Occupation: Model/porn star

Esperanza Gómez Silva (born 13 May 1983), commonly known as Esperanza Gomez is a Colombian nude model, pornographic actress and former Playboy TV host.

15. Elizabeth Loaiza


Hometown: Cali
Occupation: Beauty queen/Model

Elizabeth Loaiza Junca is a famous Columbiana Model and Social Media Personality who is best known from her beautiful photos. Elizabeth gain huge fame from her photos,which she uploaded on social photo sharing app Instagram. Elizabeth was born on 9 January, 1989 in Cali, Columbia.

14. Camila and Mariana Davalos


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Models

Mariana and Camila Davalos, were born in the state of Kentucky, the United States, but most of their lives lived in the city of Medellin, Colombia.

Both sisters became famous, participating at an early age in the model shows.

They have become the face of the South American company that produces underwear, “Besame Lingerie”.

Also, they lead popular in Colombia TV show “Rumbas de la Ciudad”.

13. Natalia Velez



Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model/TV Personality

Natalia Gutierrez Velez is a Latin glamour model best known for her work with She was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but she moved with her parents to Colombia when she was eight months old.

Natalia Velez has been modeling since she was 13 years old. She has worked for brands including Avon, Coca-Cola, Pantene, Pepsi and Samsung, among others. Her measurements are 32-23-35. While too short for traditional runway modeling, she has found a niche with lingerie and swimsuit photo-shoots.

Natalia enjoys a variety of hobbies, including waterskiing, wrestling, skydiving and painting pictures for her grandmother. She describes herself on Twitter as “Design engineer and Model.” She also re-Tweets inspirational sayings, for example, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing,” as quoted by Dale Carnegie. Natalia is active on Twitter, responding mainly in Spanish, but occasionally in English.

Natalia Velez has become quite popular on the Internet; some photo galleries have titles like “Natalia Velez will make you HATE your girlfriend.”

Natalia Velez was featured on Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks Lovely Lady of the Day, and due to overwhelming reader demand, Sports Illustrated was forced to add more photos of her.

In 2012, the British newspaper The Sun published an item claiming that married Colombian soccer player Radamel Falcao carried on an affair with her. He has since sued the paper.

Natalia said she never set out to become a model; instead, modeling pursued her. The first time she stepped in front of a camera was a favor for a family friend to film a commercial. The rest, they say, is history. Natalia Velez is a product engineer by training and works in the eco design department at an environmental services company (

Natalia Velez splits her time between Medellin, Columbia and Miami, Florida.

12. Selena Spice


Hometown: Cali
Occupation: Porn star

Spice was once given the very specific title of “World’s Sexiest Amateur Latin Porn Star”; we, however, have a much simpler one, “The 12th Hottest Colombian Woman Alive.”

11. Lianna Grethel

Photo by Jordan Murph
Photo by Jordan Murph

Hometown: Unavailable
Occupation: Actress/model

Lianna Grethel was born in Hartford, Connecticut but soon moved to Cali, Colombia. It comes as no surprise that Grethel entered the entertainment world; her mother, Consuelo Portuondo, was one of the most successful Colombian model of her time. Grethel’s grandfather, Enrique Portuondo, was a well-known director and television host in Habana, Cuba. Throughout her childhood, Grethel’s participated in every theatrical and musical production she came across. But it wasn’t until she was 16 years old that she had her first national television ad campaign. Throughout her teenage years she continued in runway shows, photography modeling and television.
After taking the Latin entertainment world by storm, Grethel has crossed over into the american markets, relocating to the US ans starring on Deal or no Deal. Not leaving her latin roots behind, Grethel simultaneously hosts Alarm TV and channel 62 Daily News, both Liberman Broadcasting Productions. Grethel has undoubtedly proved herself as an actress, model and host.

After being trained in scenic interpretation and diction with word-reowned teacher Silvia Muscovich, El Museo de Bellas Artes in Cali and The Maria Sanford School of Dance, various opportunities were presented to Grethel.

Grethel acted in La Mujer Doble (The Double Woman), Maria Bonita and Mascarada (Masquerade), all hit Latin American televnovelas (Soap Operas). Additionally, she starred as one of the beautiful models in the popular Latin American variety show Sabado Gigante (Giant Saturday).

After moving from Miami to Los Angeles to futher pursue her acting and modeling career, Grethel was signed to the prestigious William Morris Agency. Grethel became the image for reowned brands such as: JC Penny, McDonalds, Cingular, Radio Shack and others. Grethel soon became the voice of McDonalds, Coca Cola, Jack in the Box and Burger King.

Grethel is proud of the level of success that she has reached today. Furthermore, she is honored to have been chosen as a DOND model among more than 2,000 model from around the world. Grethel is the only Colombian model on the show. Grethel hopes to continue breaking into the American entertainment wolrd. Recently, Grethel has become involved with charities and enjoys speaking and educating about the on-going political issues in her native homeland.

10. Carolina Guerra


Hometown: Bogota
Occupation: Actress/model/TV personality

Carolina Guerra (born 30 July 1986) is a Colombian model, actress and television presenter chosen in 2005 to represent the nation’s capital as Miss Bogotá. She won a Škoda Fabia hatchback, 25 million pesos with which to prepare for the national beauty competition in Cartagena, a gold tiara and a jewel.
She has presented the MTV programme Rock Dinner and appeared in the telenovelas Montecristo, broadcast in Colombia on Caracol TV, and La Diosa Coronada, broadcast in the United States on Telemundo. She played the Inca high priestess Ima in season two of Da Vinci’s Demons. In her modelling work she is represented professionally by Stock Models International Model Management. She has hosted Colombia’s Next Top Model.

9. Paula Garces


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress

Paula Garcés (born March 20, 1974) is a Colombian American film and television actress, known for her appearance in films such as Clockstoppers and The Harold and Kumar Series, and on TV shows such as CSI: Miami, The Shield, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, The Sopranos, Oz, Devious Maids and All My Children.

8. Lucia Tovar


Hometown: Cúcuta
Occupation: Model

Olga Lucia Tovar (born December 1981) is a Colombian promotional model. She was born in Cúcuta, Colombia and moved to the USA in approximately 2001. She is the older of two children and most of her 17 uncles and 40 cousins still live in Colombia.

Tovar began her modeling career in the US after working as a waitress at Hooters. She has appeared in numerous magazines, calendars, Playboy Special Editions and Playboy TV.
Tovar has also appeared in various swimwear and lingerie catalogs.

7. Catalina Otalvaro


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model

Catalina Otalvaro born December 15, 1988) is a Colombian model and actress, best known as face of the Colombian lingerie brand Bésame.

Otalvaro was discovered by the important Colombian model agency SoHo and since then has been the face of many important international brands such as as T.T. Blues, Babalu Fashion, Cuadernos Star, Besame Prendas Intimas, Maia Lingerie, to name a few. Otalvaro stars in the 2016 released Colombian movie Código Sombra

6. Carla Ossa


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model

Ossa was born in Medellín, Colombia in 1985. Ossa started out as a child model, but at the age of 12, had to leave modelling as she had grown out of children’s clothes.

When Ossa returned to the world of modelling, she was represented by Elite Model Management, and made numerous appearances on the front covers of magazines, especially in South America, including Self, Veintitantos, Vanidades, and Ocala. Ossa has also enjoyed success in Germany, appearing on the front covers of Für Sie, and Freundin. Ossa has also appeared in campaigns for the fashion chains Bonprix, Burger King, Nair. She also works for the fashion labels and clothing companies Cubavera, Cato Fashions, Magram, Metrostyle, Alloy and Venus Swimwear. She also appeared in the music video for the song Vivir by the pop singer Juan Escobar.

5. Zulay Henao

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 30: Actress Zulay Henao attends the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub at Marquee Nightclub In The Cosmopolitan on December 30, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)
LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 30: Actress Zulay Henao attends the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub at Marquee Nightclub In The Cosmopolitan on December 30, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Actress

Zulay Henao (born May 29, 1979) is a Colombian-American film and television actress. She co-starred in a number of films such as Illegal Tender (2007), Fighting (2009), Takers (2010), Boy Wonder (2011), Hostel: Part III and The Single Moms Club (2014). In 2014 she began starring as one of the lead characters in the Oprah Winfrey Network series, If Loving You Is Wrong.

4. Karen Carreno


Hometown: Bucaramanga
Occupation: Model

Date of Birth: 27.September 1987

Wilhelmina Models – New York
Elite Model Management – Miami
Contempo Models

Bed Head Tigi , Bésame , Beverly Hills , Buckle , Born footwear , Guess? , Ivonne , J.Lo , Lacoste , Yamamay Beachwear

Magazine Covers:
Malaysia: ‘Marie Claire’ – October 2003
Mexico: ‘Maxim’ – June 2005; ‘Max’ – March 2006; ‘Veintitantos’ – January 2007; ‘Vanidades’ – November 6 2007; ‘Cosmopolitan’
New Zealand: ‘Lucire’ – April 2005
US: ‘Marie Claire’ – October 2003

Fashion Shows:
Ready to wear – Spring/Summer 2002 {Beverly Hills}

– Her real name is Alessandra Francesca Blanco
– Karen appeared in the Juanes’s Music Video ‘A Dios Le Pido’.

3. Sofia Vergara


Hometown: Barranquilla
Occupation: Actress/Model

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara (born July 10, 1972) is a Colombian-American actress, comedian, producer, television host, model and businesswoman.

Vergara was widely known for co-hosting two television shows for Spanish-language television network Univisión in the late 1990s. Her first notable acting job in English was in the film Chasing Papi (2003). Subsequently, she appeared in other films, including Four Brothers (2005) and two Tyler Perry films: Meet the Browns (2008) and Madea Goes to Jail (2009), receiving an ALMA Award nomination for the latter.

Vergara’s success on television has earned her roles in films The Smurfs (2011), New Year’s Eve (2011), Happy Feet Two (2011), The Three Stooges (2012), Escape from Planet Earth (2013), Machete Kills (2013), Chef (2014), and Hot Pursuit (2015). In 2012 and 2013, she was the top-earning actress on US television.

Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, for which she has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 2014, she was ranked as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes

2. Daniela Tamayo


Hometown: Medellin
Occupation: Model

Tamayo may be the perfect woman: She’s beautiful and she owns a restaurant in her hometown, Medellin. Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but lingerie modeling doesn’t hurt, either.

1. Shakira


Hometown: Barranquilla
Occupation: Singer

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born February 2, 1977) is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. Born and raised in Barranquilla, she began performing in school, demonstrating Latin American, Arabic, and rock and roll influences and belly dancing abilities. Shakira released her first studio albums, Magia and Peligro, in the early 1990s, failing to attain commercial success; however, she rose to prominence in Latin America with her major-label debut, Pies Descalzos (1996), and her fourth album, Dónde Están los Ladrones?

Shakira has won many awards, including five MTV Video Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, 28 Billboard Latin Music Awards and has been Golden Globe-nominated. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has sold between 70 and 125 million records worldwide (depending on the source),making her one of the best selling Latin artists of all time. She carries out well-known philanthropic activities through charity work most notably through her Pies Descalzos Foundation. In 2014, she was listed as the 58th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

Colombian Women. First Date. 11 Tips

Colombian Women. First Date. Tips

If you fell in love with the country or just the ladies here are some tips on how to date a Colombian woman.
Ok, but earlier getting info, what do you wish in a Colombian woman?


Tip #1. Learn Spanish.
You will have an advantage if you learn some Spanish – but with note…

Tip #1A. Maybe…don’t learn Spanish.
The best dates with Colombian women who spoke no English. The best advice I can give is to simply be wary of Colombian women that do speak English, as there’s a decent chance they’re just meeting you to have a free drink and practice their English.

Tip #2: Determine What You Want in Your Communication
And this principle is typical previously you start any love affair. If you got over your first one you should not recognise not to choice a lady based just on her looks and femininity.

Leave it for casual dates. If you wish to build a love affair with a real lady, and possibly a family, focus your attention on her nature and background story.

Mail Order Brides Asian

Femininity and Hot Nature?

If a hot latin lady is your main desire in dating Colombian woman, do not necessarily fool over with building up the perfect family. Sure, at first glance Colombian women are all hot and you can snatch one where it is both the smart, compassionate and sexy, but once “hot” is often your cream of the crop objective I guarantee yourself will end up with the yellow metal digger that will solely bite your ear at a Credit to America or The european union and demand that a credit card to stay “fun.”
You will easy find the sexy latin on different online dating web-websites and by the bikini photos and sexy body you cant tell what kind of lady she is.
Is It the Latin woman beautiful?

I must to say that most foreigners man are charmed by the nature of the Colombian women. I only know about Brazilian lady to be even more beautiful and open to the foreigners. I have not travel too much to write here that women from other cultures are not hot and dismissive, I do not think that it is true.
But there is some beauty and grace to people in tropical nations. The way Latins dance, that mix of cultures between the Spanish flamenco, the tribal Africa and natives simplicity has a “I Do not know what” that makes you desire them… until they get mad.

If the charm you make sure to look under the appearances. Colombian women are charismatic experts and a gold digger can easily hide her true intentions. It all depends were you look for your date mostly.

Colombian woman

Webcam and dating websites?? Hmmm. I would say most are opportunistic, but not all. My ladyfriend came from a dating website and my beloved lady is the good mother and business woman. But you can tell that if she asks constantly for money, a Visa payment card and flaunts you in the process she is after no good. But if you can maintain a nice conversation on topics of interest, she is working or studying to progress on her own then that is someone worth dating. For me these are the true beauties.

So to sum it up just decide if you want a loving partner to build a life with or just a casual interaction and be smart whichever you choose.

Tip #3. You Better Learn How to Dance!

Oh yes! This is way at the top of the list if you want to impress any Colombian woman.

As a Colombian, I am a terrible dancer. If you do not learn to Salsa in your youth, learning it as an adult is a pain.

But no worries, you do not need to be the floor master. Just learn the basic steps and try to follow the rhythm of the songs. Focus on the drums for pace and just keep her tight to your body. We Latinos dance very, very attached, and this is why dancing is key in the seduction game.

Hey, and Do not think they will judge by how good or bad you dance, they care mostly on the attitude you display. You might not even know how the steps go and it wouldn´t matter as long as you move her around and make an enjoyable time or both. Foreigners are not expected to know how to dance fluidly so there is no judging…but lots of smiling and giggling and this will make you look cute and funny. Ahhh, something to your advantage.

And no sitting!! Nothing turns down a woman more than sitting on the table drinking all night. Personality is what most woman want… heck! That is what they all secretly are seduced to. Dancing terribly is better that not dancing at all.
Colombian woman dancing salsa, and she burns!


Tip #4. Keep Talking to the Minimum on the Dance Floor Please

The music is loud so Do not go with expectations to talk about your hobbies and super job. Keep the chit chat to the basic “Ueepa!” “You are muy bonita” and short flirty lines. The club is a body language place, so leave the talking for the morning coffee. Salsa dancing in the streets of Cali

Tip #5. Drink Aguardiente but Not Too Much

Aguardiente is like Colombia´s national drink. It is literally means “hot water” and I Do not know its other English names, but its basically alcohol from sugar cane. It’s very basic alcohol and extremely strong, both of flavor and drunkenness. We drink it in tiny glass shots and do not even taste it as it doesn´t taste good. It’s like drinking antiseptic alcohol. Foreigners do not get it. But drink more than three and there is no beverage in the world that will make you smile more. The odd flavor won´t even bother you after it.

If she drinks aguardiente, which is normal, try to do so as well. This means she is a fun lady. But watch it, if you are not accustomed to strong drinks you might end up outside of the club sitting on the corner trying to throw up. Even if it doesn´t get to this, the headache the next morning will be horrible. This doesn´t happen with vodka or even tequila.

So drink aguardiente but make sure to space out your shots in long terms, especially by the end of the evening. And dance a lot to wear down the drunkenness. Do not stay still or it will be the worst. Drink lots of water after every shot because you will be dehydrated by the end of the evening and eat something before bed. It helps a lot.


Tip #6. Say Nice Things About Her Personality and Beauty

Latins will appreciate any nice comment about her as long as you have proven yourself as a nice and enjoyable person. If she smiles with both lips and mouth, she is yours. Just do not overdo it and no rushing.

Colombian ladys can be hard to understand. Sometimes they seem to dress to incite and they are very sensual in their gestures. Compared to other cultures, physical contact is very normal and they might stay close to you. But do not interpret this as in invitation to bed them, try it and you will ruin everything.

It is a game of give and let go that they play, they might even kiss you on the first night out but forbid any more advances and can even be more cold the next day. They are like that. They want to be chased.

Tip #7 Appreciate the culture of Colombian women.
They’re proud of it. Don’t throw it under the bus or make fun of it. I made this mistake once and had to recover.


Tip #8 Colombian women have a silly sense of humor.
Masculine Profiles warned me about this before the trip, and he was dead right.

The girls will laugh at anything. You’ll feel like a famous comedian at times.

Don’t hesitate to make fun of yourself or your poor Spanish. I called myself a fat gringo all the time and girls just lapped it up.
Tip #9 Be prepared for them to fall in love.
My Colombian girlfriend was saying she loved me after three dates. I don’t think it means quite as much as it does here in America, but there’s definitely something to it. After two dates she was telling me she didn’t want me to go out to be with other girls.

The trick is to handle accordingly. There are lots of articles around here that discuss keeping a girl around whilst still fucking around.

Tip #10 Colombians Are Hard Core About Hygiene!

We just do not understand why Europeans would not shower any given day. We shower every day and most people shower twice a day. We have keen noses and we can tell if you showered.

This is very important. Ladys notice shoes first, I Do not know why, but they do. Have them clean and proper.

Tip 11. Not Everything Is Perfect.

Be Prepared to Face the Most Jealous Women in the World

How to prepare for a meeting with a charming russian girl?

How to prepare for a meeting with a charming russian girl?

Communicating online is quite interesting, but the dialogue in living much better. You are in the same room. You hear the same sounds, voices, noises. You seat near on the settee or on the chairs opposite each other. You feel the fragrance of each other. The first meeting with your future wife, your charming russian girl,  is the most important thing in your love story. This is an amazing moment. Humanity has not invented anything better than a first look at each other, the first kiss, the first hug, first date, first dinner together. Everything in love that begins with the word “first” – is the best. You will remember it all your life.

However, this is a serious step as the most difficult exam, you’ll definitely nervous. If you invite a lady to your country, she will be nervous in a thousand times more. Your task is to make the girl’s first visit to your home, safety and comfort, and also interesting and memorable. As a result, she must want to be with you, to give you her life, to return to you soon, as soon as possible. The first thing you need to do – is to clean the house, wash the dishes and glasses, curtains. The air must be fresh and light. At first glance, it is simple things, but many people forget about them, thus scaring off our charming ladies. And, do not pressure her, let her stay at the hotel, if she wants. Remember that you are looking for not only charming russian girl, you are looking for a wife for a lifetime, not for a woman for one night. Give her time to get used to you, love you, to want to be around, even at night. Only then your first night will be excellent.

Do not forget that your cultures are very different. She may accidentally do something that should not be. Do not blame her for it. You have to protect her from embarrassing situations, helping in everything. In your city she is like a child who does not know practically anything. Give her advice. Help her to understand the familiar “for you” things. All this also applies to language. You need all of this also apply to the language. Features pronunciation, slang, dialect can play a cruel joke. Help her to emerge victorious from any situation.

Do not forget about the entertainment program. Plan it in advance. Include in list favorite museums, famous places, the most popular shops, restaurants, parks and monuments. Talk to her, smile, joke and be positive. You are not her guide, you are her boyfriend. Make everything as in a fairy tale. Prepare a romantic date for your ladie. Be as a gentleman with her. Make dinner at a nice restaurant. Present her a bouquet of fresh flowers, champagne or wine, put on beautiful music. Invite your girl on first dance in the style of a waltz, rumba, or others. Do not choose a quick dance. If only she will not want it too.

Do not forget that all women love surprises and gifts. Give her something that will remind you. Give her something unusual, valuable. Give gold or diamonds only if you are sure in this woman. If you feel, you real love her. Do not rush to give expensive gifts. Hurry to make a first meeting. Life is too short to be lonely. Remember this!

Top Countries That Offer Mail Order Brides

Top Countries That Offer Mail Order Brides

Are you realy lonely? Do the Ladys in your country, state, county, town not do this work for you? Then perhaps you should be a giant laughingstock and go shopping for finding a bride! The Internet Age has given sad, middle-aged bachelors unparalleled access to lovely ladies in which pining for some guy to sweep them off their feet, and then blow out an ACL because she’s the heaviest thing they’ve lifted since High School.

But how and where to start it? At last count, associated with websites list hundreds of thousands of single women from through the Third World, all of them eager to marry a Western man for one reason or another. You can’t just look all willy-nilly and expect to just stumble upon your soulmate; you have to game plan. Luckily, we’re here guide you find your special one.


Vietnam has long been in the focus of Western attention, which only increased when American soldiers discovered the elegant beauty, and refined manners, of Vietnamese lady. Interracial marriage became common during the War there, which gave life to the Viet-girl stereotype of being beautiful, delicate and exotic. These stereotypes often come to mind when men contemplate finding an Asian bride. Reality might hit them squarely in the face when they discover that most Viet-girls actually have no interest in loving Americans long time. Of course, some mail-order bride sites still play up this fantasy for the sake of business.

Exoticism ranking: The newness of the market attracts those who are tired of well-established places, such as the Philippines and Thailand. This, coupled with conventional Asian features, puts Vietnamese brides high on the exotic scale.

Ease of access: The downside of novelty is lack of development, so Vietnam is still learning the ropes in the mail-order bride business. Most girls languish in the countryside, with poor transport infrastructure and restricted access to the online world. As a result, there are many other countries that rule the mail-order bride business far harder.


Brazilian brides are as diverse as the country they live into. It helps the mail-order market that Brazil constantly throws out images of beautiful, wiggly women for eyes to feast on. Finding comfortable stereotypes is what draws in first-time bride-seekers, which makes Brazil a relatively popular mail-order us.

In addition, many ex-pats living down there often say that Catholicism has an inadequate hold on Brazilian society, and therefore the women tend for you to become freer about whom they might wed. The flip side to this, from the Western bride-seeker reason for view, is that Brazilian ladies tend to be fiercely independent, so while they support their traditional family role, they will not tolerate a sour relationship for in total.

Exoticism ranking: Brazil is easily the most ethnically mixed country in South America, a flavor that draws many bride-seekers. You’ve got white, Latino, African, Indian, including a veritable host of European nations. The means high marks on the exoticism scale, unless the bride-seeker is an ethnic purist.

Ease of access: Any foreign language other than Portuguese is barely spoken, which is detrimental to Western bride-seekers. Also, the online matchmaking industry is more interested in the other countries on this document. On the whole, the negatives outweigh the positives for Brazilian ladies, so this Amazon nation must stay on the bottom rungs of this list.

  1. CHINA

For anyone Western bride-seekers wanting the classic Asian beauty, China occurs they go, as there’s little interracial mingling here. However, while China dolls have the stereotypical look many men dream about, their behavior and attitudes usually fall short of the ideal. In fact, far from the retiring, submissive stereotype of lore, Chinese ladies are typically aggressive yet sincere. This is the trade-off.

Also, the websites and movies don’t often tell you that the parochial nature of Chinese culture means that most ladies have never left their native country. Therefore, are likely to be less worldly, and know few foreign different languages. The challenge to acclimate them completely to another life abroad end up being too big doable for some Western men.Nevertheless, unlike in South Korea or Japan, marrying a white man offers a Chinese lady a measure of prestige in her family. So, there’s that.

Exoticism ranking: For people with an Asian fetish, China dolls stand high on a pedestal.

Ease of access: A half century of godless communism has broken down many of the cultural restrictions on interracial marriage and shyness. China is not closed to foreign interaction, in crucial. It is the language barrier and limited online visibility that complicates circumstances.

  1. INDIA

Heavy emigration to the west after WWII created large Indian communities being created each morning cold northern climes, yet all government and academic studies state that these India-towns were less conducive to full integration in the host country, and so they retain almost all of their own fashions. Among these traditions will be the arranged marriage. Some fools mistake this ancient matchmaking scheme for the modern mail-order bride industry, but the main difference lies as broker. With arranged marriages, parents or community elders match the young ‘uns; with mail-order brides, an independent broker finds who the person wants. Still, the similarities are there, and if an individual might be willing to transfer to the country and befriend the parents or guardians of your beloved, they can probably make things get.

Exoticism ranking: The exotic scale challenging to calculate for India. On the one hand, if the bride-seeker is white, the ranking is high, but niche markets . not many of the. On the other hand, if he looks little exact same as the potential life-mate, the ranking hits zero. Yes, India has many regions with women numerous different features but, to the untrained eye, the shades are negligible.

Ease of access: Again, this must rely on who is doing the searching. Arranged marriage matchmakers own the inside track, and quite a few mail-order bride websites cater to this immensely lucrative market. For the average white guy in Des Moines sitting in his office cubicle, hoping that the boss won’t see unusual colorful Devanagari text radiating from his computer, not lots of hours of. Unless they’re prepared to relocate.


High poverty levels, great numbers of single ladies, and said ladies’ raw beauty, make Thailand a great market. Also, their belief in the social superiority consumers with light skin — the paler the better — can only help mail-order customers the particular long run. Thai people on the whole are darker-skinned as opposed to runners of European descent, so the average Western man receives an automatic side. Score one for the pasty basement-dweller!

However, what keeps Thai ladies in the middle of the mail-order pack is the raft of negative traits. The final analysis is that Thai girls do not have a good reputation as a spouse. If Internet-based testimony is anything to elapse (and when does it boast not?), they are one of the least trustworthy of all mail-order bride societies. The most common complaints are that these are unworldly, which makes conversation a rather dull affair.
In addition, most searchers of foreign brides are interested in those with a maternal instinct, and this is where Thai ladies fail worst of all. They might doll themselves up for the nines, but raising children and maintaining a decent household sit low around the priorities. As a result, the divorce rate for Thai mail-order brides is above average, can be almost as bad as a high divorce rate for marriages based on love.

Exoticism ranking: All indicators point to “high.”

Ease of access: It’s so, simple. Western men – especially the sad, sleazy, farty kind – flock there by the bucketload, despite more compared few stories of Thai women being the inspiration behind Aerosmith’s “Dude Appears to be like A Lady.”


This brand new state in Eastern Europe is already famous for its beautiful women. An associated with obvious factors put Ukrainian mail-order brides, or “Oksanas” on the top half from this list. They have high levels of education — meaning they can actually carry on a conversation, understand foreign languages and find an occupation in their new land. Also, they’re not shy about getting out and doing something with their former lifestyle. This was one more thing of the fierce Cossacks, after all, where all the men when to war and the girls had to almost everything else.

So, with exactly what behind them, Ukrainian ladies have not been shy about accessing the mail-order bride industry online, and creating without doubt one of the world’s largest lady markets. The paradigm-shattering realization that Eastern European women were not unibrow chubsters, coupled with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, created a flood that face men pouring through the doors of their brand-new candy shopping mall. Their many “romance” parties don’t hurt, either. Oksanas are not shy or retiring, so such parties are known to draw gigantic amounts of ladies, whether or not are looking for almost any spouse or just not!

Exoticism ranking: Much less than high, since Oksanas look no not the same Western European chicks. However, that slick and sensual Slavic accent can send chills down any bride-seeker’s vertebrae.

Ease of access: Close proximity to Europe and the middle East make Ukraine one of most effective way bride markets to access, plus Ukrainians’ intense desire for novelty, and thirst for language, makes this county capacity the most open on this feature.


Primary Caribbean country on the list, the Dominican Republic also features the smallest number of ladies available, at just 2 million. They have better economic opportunities relative to the others, meaning if you’re a lonely and pathetic loser out to choose a foreigner to become the perfect bride, you’re really gonna have to impress.

If you can though, it’ll be worth it. Dominican women have a reputation as fantastic cooks and hard workers. Also, local sources say they’re mostly humble and submissive, which are major sources of attraction for many Western bride-seekers, who often quiet and retiring (or just old and domineering) themselves. Sounds such as match made in Heaven!

Plus, Dominican the male is not highly sought after, because they reportedly tend to be poorer and less ambitious than Western men, not especially faithful, and overall are more physically abusive to their spouses. So if any of that sounds like you, try to stop doing that before wooing a Dominican girl.

Exoticism ranking: While Dominican girls are the most beautiful within the Caribbean, on the exotic scale they earn a middle ranking for American men, since they are mostly African, which has a high ranking for all of other pasty white countries.

Ease of access: Dominican society has almost no taboos regarding interracial couplings or approaching womenfolk, making access easy. Plus, regular flights to and from the US, developed tourism infrastructure, and compact territory makes trinidad very inviting.


The women of Colombia have steadily risen on the ranks of the mail-order bride industry in recent years. Back the ‘80s, drug cartels and communist insurgency made america too hairy for that average bride-seeker, however, now that that’s all been taken care of, the ladies are coming out of hiding to find their true take delight in. That’s the theory, anyway.

Colombia tops the list of South American countries, because the senoritas possess a special good reputation sultriness, having the slinkiest dance moves around, and sporting hips that don’t are located. Also, since the drug wars and jungle fighting killed off (or imprisoned) many Colombian men, rivalry was announced for husbands is fiercer there than anywhere else in Latin America. In addition, little stigma is attached to age differences between spouses, so flabby old white guys have an easier time finding a fresh spicy Latina here than elsewhere.

Also, Colombian men are believed rubbish by their own lovely women’s. Infidelity is rampant and, combined with Catholic restrictions on contraception, this means a whole lot of young and single mothers are looking for financial security. If you’re in this market for a mail-order kid as well, this here’s your country!

Exoticism ranking: If the bride-seeker is produced by the US, not so much, since Colombian brides are increased Latin than Brazilian kids. Europeans and Australians, however, will see something mysterious in these folks.

Ease of access: Colombia is really far away, and best of luck getting the local airport to fly you there. Add this for the language issues, and bride-seekers see a door only half-open.


Having a lower that distinguishes Filipina women from other Asian women due to the fact are, by far, the most-traveled gals around. Overseas employment is a veritable institution in the Philippines, making it emotionally easier for women to leave salinger sued nest. Most become domestic workers, so they have an associated with use interaction with people from other countries.

Although the divorce rate is rather low in the Philippines, poverty rates are high, and also a foreign man is seen as reasonable way get yourself a good roof over her head. Plus, by their own admission, Filipina girls like white fellas. It is a status thing, and there’s nothing the local guys can do upon it. A recent study revealed that 70% of Filipina believe American men are thoughtful and kind, whereas Filipino these are considered cruel and unfaithful. Thank God, this means they haven’t been watching our reality television shows and movies.

Exoticism ranking: Honestly, it’s tough to gauge. The ubiquity of the Filipina woman in the Western world, coupled with their immense online presence, does dull the senses. However, their mix of Polynesian and classic Asian feature make Filipina ladies unique. So, let’s be lazy and set them firmly in the centre of the scale.

Ease of access: Filipino culture is one among the the most open in all of Asia. Families are tight-knit to be sure, but few taboos exist about personal expression in public places. In other words, Filipina girls are in order to understand meet. And keeps growing country was occupied by the US for the longest time, English is a commonly-spoken language, and flights are regular.


Explains aspect of Russia is dripping with matrimonial gold. Additional 500 mail-order sites display over 60,000 Russian women at any given time, which is just about top rate of them all. Five of the top visited mail-order bride sites feature “Natashas.” Combining all that with the ladies’ Internet savvy, the well of Russian women appears bottomless.

Of all the countries on this list, the women of Russia would be most educated, thus they are greatly predisposed to know foreign languages, understand other cultures, have greater job prospects, and also talk about subjects other than cooking and sex. Speaking of sex, the old conservative religious cultures, and close village living, have long been replaced with a vague moral code that results in very little conscience about sex, or its consequences. So if regular sex significant in your mail-order marriage, you know where to head to.
Russian men, will be so often the case, have a nasty reputation among extremely own kind. In addition to having one on the highest alcoholism rates in the world, their own women accuse Russian men of chronic infidelity, and a propensity for domestic violence. To add insult to injury, the divorce minute rates are hovering at an impressive 80%, so Natashas have all anything at all in the world to try their luck somewhere similar.

Exoticism ranking: Just aspect in which Natashas might rank low is exoticism. Place a Russian lady in a Western city and they usually tend to merge quite well, as well as being overdressed and heavily made themsleves. And slim. Of course, they start to speak, and you suddenly want to marry them all.

Ease of access: Russia is really want the largest countries in the world, and it could be a pain on the inside ass to get from point A to point B. Moscow is far from anywhere, corruption is recognized to have the worst on the world, and the bureaucracy remains a holdover from the command economy days. However, once the bride-seeker makes it to the inner sanctum of East Slavic women femininity, that massive headache transforms into an ocean of transcendent beauty and sophistication. He couldn’t hope to obtain from some pretty single girl provides lived across the path from him for years, and who keeps waving and winking at him every time they lock eyes.