How to find an ideal woman?

How to find an ideal woman

Much has been said and written about ideal woman. Probably, as long as humanity is there as many attempts to find the ideal were done. It happens very often that appearance of ideal woman for men is related to appearance of their mother. It should be said that this appearance closely related to flashbacks from deep childhood, where were a lot of love, comfort, devotion, defense and reliability.  Life is adventure and sometimes you just need to relax, breathe and know that everything is going to be alright. You search for the woman who could give you this feeling. The feeling you grew up with. It is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, we still do not have these parameters of her – ideal woman.

To begin with it is necessary to say that the search of ideal women begins from youth, but totally depends on age, nationality, preferences of every man.

Ideal woman – who is she?

Blonde or brunette, thin or thick, with full rosy lips or painted thin, sociable or introvert, cunning or decent, depressed or generous, emotional or calm, faithful or calculating, winning and enigmatic or serious,clever or simply good are all the lines of the differently taken ideals.

So how will you find her, your ideal lady? Where was she for a so long time you are searching?

Remember the easiest rule: sometimes are the little things that make us happy. Primarily, men used to pay their attention to woman’s appearance. That is not a big secret that all of us would choose to up a good time with extremely beautiful and well-groomed woman. Above all, it does our credit if she will be smart and intelligent at the same time.

Parameters of her figure, her shape, the color and length of her hair, her delicate skin,the type and your favorite color of the eyes… Combination of all these lines each time folded in specifically different ideal of woman’s appearance for everybody. Sometimes there is an enough falling out of her hair to fall in love with her, or to get a nice smile of heras a sign of joy; or you just lookthe way she bite her lips or adjust her hair in the mirror  and something start to set the fire in your heart. It calls by man the real passion. But very often ideal appearance is coming from the youth, it could be a search for a woman, who look like the first love of man, oftenly unrealized desires could give us the wrong feeling it was our ideal and we lost it.

Continuing your search, you have to estimate your own possibilities, your character and your true worth. Your self-esteem in some way should be similar to the woman you’re searching for.For example, If you wish to get a smart one, start to work at your self education. Try to learn new things. Talking to an old friend makes you realize how much your life has changed. If you search for a kind woman, try to work at your character strains to make them better and you will get what you deserve.

To a certain extent, mainly in your search for ideal woman is always to listen to your heart, the answer is in your soul and you will get it when you honestly describe her to your own.

Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally, do not waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.