Most beautiful Venezuelan women

Venezuela – the birthplace of the “beauty queens”

Venezuela – the only country girl from which six times became the winner of “Miss Universe”: Stefania Fernandez in 2009, Dayana Mendoza (Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada) 2008, Alicia Machado in 1996, Barbara Palacios 1986, Irene Saez 1981, Maritza Sayalero Fernández 1979.

Stefania Fernandez 2009
Stefania Fernandez 2009
Dayana Mendoza
Dayana Mendoza 2008
Alicia Machado
Alicia Machado 1996
Barbara Palacios
Barbara Palacios 1986
Irene Saez
Irene Saez 1981
Maritza Sayalero Fernández
Maritza Sayalero Fernández 1979

In many respects it is a merit Osmel Sousa, president of “Miss Venezuela”, which over the years  just perform miracles: in the same year the girls of his “Academy” Irene Saez won the “Miss Universe” and another graduate – Pilin Leon won “Miss World.” This success could not achieve any country. Another record “king of beauty”, as they call Osmel Sousa: girls from Venezuela two years rose to the highest pedestal of “Miss Universe” – in 2008 and in 2009.

Pilin Leon
Pilin Leon

Dayana Mendoza was gorgeous, she was beautiful, uninhibited and eloquent. She felt comfortable everywhere: in front of the camera, on stage, in front of the crowd. She could eat anything and still stay slim and toned.

Osmel Sousa
Osmel Sousa

After two years of negotiations with Osmel Sousa, in 2007, she agreed to take part in the national beauty contest, Dayana Mendoza received her short list of its shortcomings and heard, now it’s her job. Beauty is big business in Venezuela.

The annual competition Miss Venezuela brings to the South American country big profits, and in the day of the show on television Miss Venezuela, in the country literally stops life. Many Venezuelan women grow and dream of having the title “Miss Universe”, and many Venezuelans may call to mind the names of past winners of the Miss Venezuela, as people in other countries can rattle off the names of former presidents.
“It’s part of our culture”, said Venezuelan journalist Monika Bustamante, who lives in New Jersey, “This is our national differences, in essence it is a national resource.”

Venezuela has always hoped to win at international beauty contests, or at least take a place among the best. In recent times representatives of the country has repeatedly won crown Miss Universe, and were among the finalists in the Miss World.

Venezuela has won more international beauty contests than any other country, largely due to the well-established strategies show Miss Venezuela. The contest is managed by Sousa from 1981, never relies on chance.

Sousa and his army of assistants are constantly searching across Venezuela, identifying potential participants in the contest Miss Venezuela. They go to fashion shows, attend local beauty contests, shopping centers and nightclubs, taking beautiful women who afterward appear on the podium. That Sousa showed the world that the Venezuelan women the most beautiful girls in the world. Thanks to this men all over the world are looking for Venezuelan bride.

Those Venezuelan girl who kept a few rounds, coming under the full control by Sousa and his assistants, and are invited to a special “beauty school” where begins the painstaking work to create the image, based on advantages and disadvantages of the new Venezuelan beauty queen.

Staff “beauty school” includes hairdressers, make-up artists, fitness trainers, instructors in the art of speech, trainers dancing and walking. Dentists need to straighten and whiten teeth women contestants, plastic surgeons to correct the deficiencies of the face and figure, and with diet and exercise, the girls brought to perfection.

“Contestants Miss Venezuela train like Olympic athletes”, said Bustamante, “They’re all out, both physically and mentally. Mode very hard and everything is exactly calculated. The people who run the Miss Venezuela, want to see from the ladies the whole package of advantages”.

Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, said: “Venezuela of a long history Miss Universe practically set the standard of beauty”.

“For people who do not know, I usually explain that Venezuela is going to Miss Universe, like Brazil going to the world football championship”, says Shugart. “Everyone always expects from Brazil’s wins, and they are often the same team, which is compared to other, same with Venezuela and Miss Universe”.

Colombian woman. Colombian Dating Tips

Colombian Dating Tips

The best place for the date with colombian girls is date at the beach.

All Colombian women are independent, high achievers, they are realy beautiful! They are intelligent, concerned about their looks and have naturally shapely sun-kissed bodies. At the most, you can enjoy by this on the beach.

And maybe because of this, you would think that it would be hard to approach a Colombian woman. In fact, you can be sure that this is not true.

Unlike what you will find in Europe and even other parts of Latin America, Colombians will give you their basic information if you ask. They will also almost always hold a conversation with you. This may not mean they are necessarily interested in you, but at least they give you the time of day.

Some Colombian women seem to be a little stuck up, especially if they come from a family with money. These women are easy to spot because they will be very concerned about status and appearance. You may need to impress these ladies with a nice car and expensive dining, but this is probably about the same as in the US or Europe.

Women at all parts of world notice what a man wears and what car he drives!

Colombianas womens are absolutely independent but they still like to be treated like a queen. If you are meeting with a lady for a date it is expected that you pick her up. Inviting your lady to your hotel room or to meet you somewhere will not get you very far.

This next tip is mayby most important from all others tips and should almost go without saying, but it is very important to not overlook. Imagine first date, at time when you going on a date with amazing woman from the Colombia make sure that you are groomed, clean, and smell good. Colombian bride put a lot of effort into their appearance and would appreciate a man that does the same.

At the first date shorts and sandals are generally frowned upon. If you like be casual, please, wear a nice pair of jeans and use some good antiperspirant, good male cologne or scented water.

Having said that, do not be surprised if you are waiting for your date to get ready. It will be worth the wait. Even though it sounds like Colombian women might be a bit vain, that is far from true. They will take the time to get to know you, and when compared to European and other Latin brides are more easy-going.

Make a great first impression, but continue to impress your Colombian beauty with a great personality and a genuine nature.

Most beautiful Venezuelan women

 Most beautiful Venezuelan women

The first beauties of Latin America are considered not Brazilian, but girls who live in the country bordering with Brazil – Venezuela. Venezuelan women have won 21 times at the prestigious international beauty contests: 7 times in the “Miss Universe”, and 6 times in the “Miss World” and “Miss International”, and twice – in the contest “Miss Earth”. Such incredible success of Venezuelan women, giving them the right to claim the title of the most beautiful women in the world are associated with very popular and prestigious beauty contest “Miss Venezuela”: almost every girl wants to put Venezuela on the crown of the winner of this contest. In the present is now ranking the most beautiful Venezuelan women, almost all the beauties took or tried to take part in the “Miss Venezuela”. We would like to note that this is just our opinion.

Scarlet Ortiz (12 March 1974) – Venezuelan actress. She took part in the contest Miss Venezuela 1992.

Scarlet Ortiz

Sabrina Seara (27 March 1985) – Venezuelan actress.

Sabrina Seara

María Gabriela Isler (21 April 1988) – Miss Universe 2013. Maria has Swiss and German roots.

Maria Gabriela Isler

Francys Sudnicka – Venezuelan model of Polish descent.

Francys Sudnicka

NOREL Rodríguez (14 July 1977) – Venezuelan television presenter and model. She took part in the contest Miss Venezuela 2001.

Norelys Rodríguez

Grecia Colmenares (December 7, 1962, Valencia, Venezuela) – Venezuelan and Argentine actress

Grecia Colmenares

Lydimar (Ly) Jonaitis (October 12, 1985, Valencia, Venezuela) – actress, model, Miss Venezuela 2006, ranked third in the Miss Universe 2007.

Lydimar (Ly) Jonaitis

Elián Herrera (b. January 4, 1991) – Venezuelan model

Elián Herrera

Aída Yéspica – fashion model, actress and TV presenter.

Aída Yéspica

Dayana Mendoza – Miss Venezuela 2007 Miss Universe 2008.

Dayana Mendoza

Stefanía Fernández – Miss Venezuela 2008 Miss Universe 2009.

Stefanía Fernández

Estefanía López (31 August 1983) – Venezuelan actress.

Estefanía López

Mónica Spear (October 1, 1984 – January 6 2014) – Venezuelan actress, Miss Venezuela 2004.

Monica Spear

Ivian Sarcos – Miss World 2011.

Ivian Sarcos

Alicia Machado – actress, singer, Miss Venezuela 1995 Miss Universe 1996. She was born December 6, 1976.

Alicia Machado

Irene Esser – Miss Venezuela 2011.

Irene Esser

Angela Ruiz – First Vice-Miss Venezuela 2010. Born October 4, 1989.

Angela Ruiz

Colombian Brides

Colombian Brides

At this post we want to tell about Colombian women, they are sexiest women in the Latin America. If you want start your first dating with sexies Colombian brides at the online dating sites it won’t take you long to realize how their inside warm makes them very friendly by their nature. Mans who have dated Colombian womans will tell you that they make very affectionate and loving partners.

And yet there is much more to Colombian women than meets the eye. Behind their evident outer beauty and natural grace, you will often find that Colombian ladies are generally also very intriguing, intelligent and well educated.

Colombian woman
Colombian woman

Throughout Latin America, family plays a very important role in society and Colombia is no exception. This means that you can expect your typical Colombian bride to be very devoted and family minded. Colombian women who frequent online dating sites are usually looking for a change from the frivolous and immature young Colombian men that they are used to back home. You will find that Colombian women are indeed very attracted to foreign men. Colombianas especally like men who want to establish a serious and stable relationship, and when they find the right guy, they make very loyal and committed wives.

Colombian  brides

Beauty, intelligence, style and devotion: what more could you want? Colombian women have a well-deserved reputation for being everything a man could desire. Discover hundreds of stunning Colombian brides waiting to meet you here at My Colombian Bride. Get to know beautiful girls from all over Colombia, including Medellin, Barranquilla and Cartagena and find the woman of your dreams!

Women Of Barranquilla
Barranquilla is the fourth largest city in Colombia and just one hour from Cartagena and Santa Marta on the Atlantic Coast. It is only two hours from the United States and one hour from Panama by plane. It is also known as the Golden Gate of Colombia for being a pioneer in industry and commercialization. Barranquilla was the first port in Colombia, located where the Magdalena River meets the Atlantic Ocean, and also opened the first Airport in South America named Ernesto Cortizzos International Airport.

Colombian Bride

Barranquilla is a absolutely safe city 100s of miles away from problem areas of the country and is absolutely secure. Barranquilla gave the world celebrities such as baseball player Edgar Renteria, amazing pop star singer Shakira, and Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara. Both of these Barranquilla ladies reveal the exceptional beauty of Latin women.

Women Of Medellin
Medellin is the one of the most beautiful city in the Latin America, modern and yet true to its regional characteristics. The women of Medellin are considered to be the most beautiful in ALL of Latin America.

Amazing Colombian Bride

Women Of Cartagena
Cartagena this is one of the most striking cities in all of Latin America, and the women of Cartagena arerealy amazing too.

And do not forget about other sexy Latin brides in Costa Rica and Peru. Here you can found hundreds of amazing girls in Peru who are interested in relationships with American or European men. The same goes for Costa Rica, a beautiful hot tropical country in the Central America where the ladies are real Latinas.

Latin brides

Latin brides are the most desired out of all women for those who dream about marriage. Maybe you have question: why is it that many men are so captivated with finding future wife in South America? At first, these sexy ladys are charming. If you want found an beautiful girl as your wife, you should definitely consider marriage with Latin bride.

Not only are these these young ladies staggering and intriguing, they are amazing too. First of all, you can expect that Latina mail order brides who want to find a husband are going to keep themselves looking good for long time to come. Only look at photographs of Colombian mail order brides, and you will understand why so many gentelmens are crazy about them.

In addition to being that your lady is hot, you can find that your hot Brazilian woman with great sense of humor, well oriented in fashion, is easy to talk to, and is respectful of the beloved man. You like it? With Latin wife you get more than only beautiful face when you decide to marry with hot Brazilian bride.

For all men who planning to find a bride that is Colombian, you will be pleased to know that girls are often favored. Union with a Colombian girl might be among the greatest choices you will ever make. Although there are several benefits to wedding brides that are Colombian, there is nothing like having a warm trophy wife with you. Because everyone wishes to know how you could get this amazing female, it undoubtedly sets the man in the center of attention.

Now Latin America is popular place where mens find their hot mail order brides, it’s surprising to know that there are not really as many guys pursuing foreign women as there should be. To find a sexy and hot girl in the U.S.A., you either need to be rich, or you have to be an realy good-looking dude. Main part guys, trying to meet a hot lady in the U.S.A. is becoming more complicated these days, much less finding special one who is a good future life partner.

When you visit Latin America, yet, it is an entirely different storyline. There are a lot of hot Latin girls and you will not understand what to do with your-self. The truth is, there is such an abundance of appealing Latin women seeking union that it has gotten very simple to discover a fine looking woman who want foreign life partner.

The important thing is, any man could get an attractive Latin bride. Latin women usually need someone that can take good care and treat them like a woman should be treated. So, it is sort of a reasonable tradeoff.

With reference to the entire visa procedure, there are various visa choices depending on in the event that you choose to bring through her on a fiancee visa or in case you get married in her country. All she has to do – is simply take a few courses to get-up English level if she does not currently talk English