15 Intelligible questions for your first date

15 Intelligible questions for your first date

If in some café you will meet a woman running to the water closet with a little scared face and nervous step, which will try to get quickly into woman’s room, be sure: a man with the same description is waiting for her in the hall of this restaurant. After she came back from the dressing room, they go and find their table. If you did not see the first fifteen minutes of their date, do not think you will not recognize them by the way these woman and man are building their dialogue.  Actually, it is a usual situation in life when people who came at their first date are looking nervous. Cause they really do.


Couples which meet at the first time you could always recognize by their look. What are the most deed clues? Well, they both are wearing in stylish clothes; it could be woman wears high heels, also with a fashion make-up on her face. But what they do? They are gladly scanning menu, woman is playing with her hair, and also these awkward looking people are taking a little pauses to check social networks in the tablet or some apps in the phone.  This dinner is full of stiff formality.

While they are eating, there is a gentle melancholy you perfectly see on their faces.

They are sitting across a table and from time to time getting into the eye contact. But there is no slouching. After they get tired to pick at their food, one of them finally tries to start a conversation. What sentence you hear first?

From their talk you could hear some phrases like are:

Man: is your salad tasty?

Woman: I would say delicious, what as for yours?

Man: yeah, tastes good.

A discuss about the salad or other food they are eating, continuing not so long.

Do not let this ever happen to you! Of course, first date is very nervous moment for all of us. Especially, for people who are searching for their love, they are trying to look better; pre-thinking what would be the object of their talk when they meet, etc. For sure, first dates are not séances of therapy.  Sometimes the first date, first feelings lead to burning love of two people. To build such a little conversation with your dater, remember, the most needed advice is to relax. Okay, make a try to relax, breath calmly, and you will have a positive experience in dating. If you do not have lively brain, do not worry. Before you go at your first date, try making a list of well-chosen questions. Answers on what questions you would be interested to get?


At your first date try to listen your partner more than you talk, but do not let this woman or man talk endlessly. If you are not the person who has skills in ability to speak, do not be shy to admit it at the start of your conversation. It will help you and your partner to understand each other better. It is an amazing time when you start to learn new person in your life, so be yourself. The best communication could happen between two people if they are really interested in getting each other better. Do not go too far in your questions. At the first date to ask personal questions means bad manners of a person. Because by some unexpected question you could hurt your dater, you never know for sure what would be the reaction on your sensitive questions. Getting to know someone is a slow and prolonged process. It could last forever. Let the rhythm of your date will be calm, not in the valse tempo.

Do not make your interest deep and meaningful so quickly. If you will use dating as an opportunity to purge, it could give you only the false meaning of love, intimacy. Do not try to reveal too much too soon.

The true intimacy will never give you unresolved pain or boundary issues in the result. It is easy to tell, but how to use these advices in the reality?

If you are willing to get truthful relationships, be careful with the words you use to build your questions. Your interest leads into big love? And this is why you try to know more about another human at the first date to do not fall in love without sense anymore? As for your past, you should forget about it, maybe this time your first date will lead you to the real love. Just relax and try to see how wonderful his or her inner world is. If your interest in this person is clear, you will get great conversation during a dinner plus possibility to ask as many follow up questions as you wished for. The process of it could begin by providing lots of space for the full expand asking.

first date tip

What are they, these pertinent first date questions?

Well, some of them sound like these:

  1. Who was that man or woman, which is still the biggest influence in your life?
  2. What kind of situations make you laugh?
  3. Do you search for your place in the entire world?
  4. Do you have friends? Who are they? Tell me more about their behaviors?
  5. Do you like comedies? What is the movie you are being crazy of? Why so?
  6. What is your interesting goal in life right now?
  7. Saturday is relaxing day in your life schedule?
  8. Do you have any pets at home?
  9. What kind of relations were the main in your family? Calm, strict, or..?
  10. Were you a fun kid in the childhood?
  11. Should I think you have something I better understand today than in a five years?
  12. Alter ego??
  13. You studied well at the university? What was your favorite subject and why?
  14. Are you sure you figured out your calling in life? You sound like this.
  15. How often you date with men? Do you enjoy it? Why not?

Of course, if you will date more than one time and with the one person each time, you will get more questions of yourself from possible lovers and it will help you to concretize your main points of it. You will get your own perfect first date questions, it will help you to get a full apprehension of a person from the answers only. If you still not sure what would you ask a person on your first date, use these.

And you will come up with other questions soon.