Clever or pretty women

Clever or pretty women

For each of us the meaning of clever person is different. Why is that? Because we all have different intellect, mind and brain. Nevertheless, we all love to see beauty and people who could show this talent’s worth. As often as beautiful Russian women does. Honestly to say, they do because they have what to show. Some of them are extremely beautiful.

But what if you have to choose before intellect or beauty? What would be your alternative? That is not so easy to do this choice because sometimes our feelings from our heart and mind tell us different things to do. We could not separate these qualities, intellect and beauty, but not all the people in the world were born with some knowledge from the past lives (joke) and not every beautiful woman try to save and develop her beauty. Some people lose their skills because they are getting lazy. Some does not. It depends on their outlook.In other words, human have to develop his skills to do not lose what he has got from his birth.

Most of Russian women could unite these main qualities in their personality, but some could not. There are not so many variations to do that. Suppose, you meet gorgeous, fantastically beautiful Russian woman but she is not goal-oriented person. Then it could be with time her beauty will gone, what you will do? But could happen that you meet not so beautiful, but enigmatic, charming and purposeful Russian bride.And if you want, nowadays the newest technologies in the world of beauty are accessible for everyone who has desire to change himself. It happens some men choose foolish women because it is easier to contact with her, life is bright and colorful with this woman. As for serious one, her intellect could afraid men cause she knows a lot. And their self-esteem is getting down in correspondence with her. So they think with smart women life is going to be dull, colorless.

So, how to choose between beautiful and smart? This choice should be considered. The right decision guarantees you will have a strong and happy family in the future. Think a lot about what is the most important for you in relationship with a woman? If you imagine her, what would she look like, how would she discuss some topic or viewpoint at anything in the world, or in your imagination she would  even argue with you about something?

If you are searching for a short term love, you should search for an easy-going Russian bride, even a little foolish person to spend a good time together. These kinds of relationships are still alive and there is no big sense to get your attention to the level of her education. Just join her and love for what she has.

But if you are searching for a long term relationships, you should listen to your heart. Some tested advises could help you to find your destiny. If you are a man who could not live with woman who has not education or/and it will be hard for you to live your life with a person who is beautiful outside, but poor inside,then try to search for a smart one Russian woman. But if you are man who has a lot of discusses at your job and with your woman you prefer to relax and turn off your brain, stop your view at sexy goddess. There are so many them on the websites, Russians goddess are waiting to catch your heart!

But if you are mature one, choose all in the one bottle. How? It is easier than you think! Maybe you know that eyes are the mirror of our soul, there you could read a lot about the person even if she does not agree to open herself before you. Russian women for the most part are confident, witty but a little modest and shy. When you meet some Russian woman, first of all, look into hereyes;see how sincere she is laughing at your jokes, feel the chemistry between you both and only after you did… Follow your heart and you will make the right choice. The problem is not the problem, it is your attitude about the problem. So change your attitude and you will your special one because you do deserve the best bride.