Colombian girl. Travel to Colombia.

Colombian girl. Travel to Colombia.

Colombian girl. How to find the ideal wife in Colombia?
For the answer to this question it is necessary to dispel some myths about Colombia.

Myth 1. Colombia is a crime and narcotics.

Problems with crime here really are. It is simple to buy narcotics or gun here.

But on streets it is quiet, the police works and controls a situation.

But in Colombia in almost every city there are areas in which it is better not to go. Colombians don’t come into these districts. The police and the law don’t work also there.

Here it is always necessary to be careful.

Myth 2. All Colombian girls want to leave Colombia.

This is not true. There family really has a special attitude. Children love and care about the parents. They rarely leaving his house forever.

Myth 3. Here well know English.

It is the absolute myth. Very few Colombians know English.
If to meet the Colombian girl on the street you and she well understands and says English then rather everything is danger. Usually girls are bound to criminals and will entice you to the place where bandits can rob you. Or there can be this girl will show that it is in love with you and will drive you on shops that you bought by her gifts. When your purse is empty it will leave you.
Therefore the girl who isn’t knowing English will be a girl from Colombia which will sincerely want the relations with you most likely.
Main tongue here Spanish. And you need to learn though several phrases in Spanish.

Myth 4. Here it is easy to find the girl for one night.

It is the myth also. To take out the prostitute and it is possible, but it is possible in any country of the world. Colombia not an exception, but will get acquainted and in the same night it to appear with the Colombian beauty in one bed is a myth. Only present you in unfamiliar the city, you don’t know Spanish even if you are able to tempt girls how you will make it without knowing tongue?

Myth 5. Here it is bad with hygiene.
It is the myth too. Here very hot. Therefore if for Europeans or the American the norm is a douche of times a day, then Colombians take a shower 2 or 3 times a day.

Myth 6. Here hot.

Here not hot here very hot.

Myth 7. All Colombian girls of the beauty.

It is the myth also. Here really there are a lot of beautiful girls. But the main part of girls are girls as well as everywhere.

But with the small reservation. Here treat beauty really seriously.
The best gift for the girl to majority operation on breast size augmentation is considered. In general here plastic surgeries do very many.

The Universe – Colombians is a lot of super models, actresses, Miss World and Ms.

Therefore here yes there is a lot of beautiful girls. All girls of super model? No!

Myth 8. Visit of night club.

Yes it is really interesting, but it is dangerous also.
The first – you can fall a victim of bandits.
The second – swindlers.
It is necessary to be attentive with alcohol. Here not quality alcohol, very strong, drink much here.

Colombia beautiful country. The Colombian girls are beautiful. Your travel will be interesting to you. Only be careful.