Eleven things you need to know about the person you are dating with

Eleven things you need to know about the person you are dating with

Generally, when you are seeing someone new in your life, it is normal situation that you are willing to know this subject better. For example, you have seen already some pictures of this woman (man). But in life it is hard to get a full apprehension of a person from the photos only. If you are man and you plan to date with Russian bride, what are those so important eleven things you have to know about her?

Faith in her life

To have a healthy relationship you both have to get to know more about the values system of each other in life. What are these compatible values? Faith is an essential in developing a strong relationship. Some people are oriented on Bible understanding of what is faith, what is hope; you both should be sure about what you mean by faith. To know this, try to discuss faith systems with your bride. Usually, these value systems come from childhood. Some current beliefs could come from the experiences she has got in life.


Also in today’s world many people try to find themselves, to get answers on their questions in religion. Religious people are those who stay calm because they believe in great power above them. Do you have similar look in life? Ask your Russian bride seriously about the things she value most in life? Ask her if she prays? How often? Maybe in your marriage you are not seeing yourself with a person who every weekend will spend in the church?

Kin of origin

At your date with Russian woman necessarily ask her about her family and some traditions of it. Many people from Russia, Ukraine are come from famous families. Talk more about your families. It will help you to understand what are her views and the idea of life together with a man. She is being close to her parents? It could be as positive, as negative side.  A family she has grown in plays not the last role in who she has been and who she is now. There are so many different situations in life when people are trying to copy a love story of their parents; at the same time there are people who want to avoid their parents’ mistakes in their own marriages, relationships.

Physical expectations

Dating with a Russian bride, you better ask her about her expectations. We all have different mind about the physical intimacy. Usually, women are going to have sex with a man only after they are fall in love with him. But there are some men and women who are ready to have sex after the first date. It is not bad, not good. You have to decide for yourself what is normal for you and would you like to have sex with your woman after marriage or earlier. To do not get your relationships get awkward and uncomfortable, try to be more opened with a person you are dating with and discuss if these physical-relationship expectations arenot strictly outlined before one of you rejects the other type of them.

What is relationship

To get a successful untie with Russian bride, ask her more about the definition of her dream relationship in life. Does she dream about marriage, kids and so on? What about you? Do not try to keep in the secret from your lady. For example, you both spend a great time together as suddenly she starts to hint at more serious step in your life – marriage. Are you sure you were the person who alsohoped your few dates n month will turn into marriage so soon? What if you are a man with commitment-phobic of that? Of course, do not be so quickly in your answer, think twice. Maybe a happy family is really need able thing in your life but for some reason you scare to make the next step. Better discuss your thoughts about marriage and exactly your relationships yet after some dates.

Conflicts and it’s fix up

It is important to know the level of conflict-resolving skills of your Russian bride. If you are dating to a woman and you still did not have some conflicts with her, ask her about her past. Did she get in some conflict situations and what were the decisions she took to resolve it? Of course, that is not so easy to assess how she deals with this kind of situations until you have had your own first loud discuss about something. But better make yourself sure what were her previous conflicts and their subsequent resolutions; it will help you both to understand how you deals with arguments if you have some. After your first fight, sit down and discuss everything of this conflict with cold brain yet. Maybe you or she was aggressive in some way? Or maybe she tries to run away from the conflict and just walk out of the room? Conflict is an unavoidable thing in life, to get only positive results after your fight, you both should understand how important is discuss of it with your partner and do not make similar mistakes in the future.


What makes your woman’s eyes get a sparkle in her eyes? Do you ask her what the thing she feels most alive with is? Maybe you understand her as well and know what she does dream day by day? Does she have some special hobby in her life? What keeps your bride up late at night? Does she ever share these passions with you? Or she keeps them in the secret as something special? If you will get into serious relationships with this Russian bride, will you support this passion of her life? Will you let her stay as who is she now? Will you let her get excited of her passions? And the most important in your life together is your own passions compatible with your bride’s dreams?


In some way closest friends could really be the mirror of your lady you are dating with. To understand if this is exactly that situation where from her friends you could get more about your lady, go ahead! Ask her to introduce you to them. But not in a big company, better meet with 1 or 2 friends at once. Maybe in her company you will see the person whose advices your possibly future wife holds to. At one of this meeting you will meet a person whose calls and messages your woman never hang out with calling back.

After all, can you respect the people she loves? Do you feel yourself fitted in her company as well? Is there any chance you will become friends with some of them also?

Social life

It is important to know where your woman used to spend nights far away from you. Will she stay at home apart from you and read a nice book or wear sexy dress and go relax with her friends in closest pub? It could happen in daily life that you and your bride will not spend every night together, make her sure how do you wish you both to spend it. If you will be honest about your social life since the start, it will not become a big bomb in the future. Tell her more about your daily life. For example, how often you go out, if you meet with friends how late you are party, also do you wish to have quiet nights with your woman or within her?  Speak up about her needs, make her knows your thoughts about it. Share with her. If you both are oriented on normal and adequate life together, be honest with each other. Always try to find compromises.

Finances as an important thing in life

In our world money matters are also important to be concretizing at the start of your dating. If your woman used to spend more often, than save, be ready to have relationships with spender. Most of Russian women appreciate the pursuit of wealth in men. But many of them are also in the charity. Are you ready to date with a woman which aspires to living well below her means cause she giving the biggest part of her income away in charity? Ask more about her desires; does she like to buy expensive things? To be happy with your Russian bride, try to be clearer about your own spending habits and show her the real situation with money you have. You do not need to show her your salary at the first date, just try to explain about your view on the way someone spend it. You could tell her some story about your friend uses to spend a lot of money on unneeded things and try to fix her reaction on it.


To know a person’s needs ask her about her dreams and goals in life. What is the thing or goal your Russian woman dreaming of? Try to ask her what are her plans for the next three years? Does she have some? Or maybe she is a woman who believes in the miracle which brings her everything she dreams about? It could be. And it could not happen at all. If you are a workaholic, ash her if she is ready to work to achieve her goals? To become sure you heading in the same direction as your woman does. If she have some already and even work at getting them, will you become her partner and give her as much support as she will need while achieving it? After all, what is her biggest dream for today? Is it financial success or harmony in your home? Maybe she dreams to travel all over the world and live every five years in different countries?

Remember, when you are starting to date with some Russian bride, discuss more all the goals you have on your mind, share your dreams and it will help you to get the understanding of her and if you both fit into each other’s  presents and futures.