Family for a women


In 1993 year one of American authors John Gray gave a gift to the world – a book, written by him, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, has been sold in more than fifty million copies. His book won many rewards as highest ranked work in genre of non-fiction. Have you ever heard of this book? It explains that in relationship between male and female the most biggest problem is the result of fundamental psychological differences between two genders. John Gray wrote a book, which central metaphor became a part of so many seminars, psychologists used in their job and shared with people all over the world.Have you ever visited some of training lectionaries to understand, what is on the mind of your gorgeous lady?

This book opened a new view on men and women at all. To build relationships with another person, first of all, better read some psychology books, try to understand this difference –  each gender is acclimated to its own mini- world (in theory of J.Gray–people acclimated to planets society and customs). At least, it will help you to clearly realize, what is the honest dream of every woman, how to glad your lady-love by your being in her life. You will get answers on so many questions. Many men are getting curious with women, which are not oriented on creating  a family. While so many women are being upset because they are staying in relationships with men, which never thought about marriage.

For sure, in books you get knowledge in different fields of living, but what was the previous instinct of women? Maybe it is exactly the right explanation of everything around? There are so many brides and you have to stop your choice at one them. Your plan to take a happy marriage with a lady or just to stay in light version of it with her?To do not offend other person with your own viewing of relationships, with yourcourse of life, try to learn why women wish to get married? You sure, you know as well their sense of creating a family?

To tell the truth, comparing women and men, women have many instincts, which are not inherent in men. Women are being serious enough in choosing partner for life, because one of the main idea for females in any relationships always wasand still being the idea of creating a family. It is being invariable instinct. This subconscious wish to build close partnership with a man comes from distant past.

Primitive society lived in tribes, there were a lot of clans. As we read in historical books, they lived in big families and it was easier to provide for living. For example, to build shacks, to bag food, to keep a fire in a hearth.

Of course, nowadays life has got some changes, but a lot from the past strongly fixed in women’s consciousness.

Perhaps, you think, the world is full of women, which pretend to be leaders in successful business companies, rather than ideal wives or mothers at home.And you keep on searching for your love. But there are also many brides, which continue to dream about a family. For sure, modern womenhave much more self-reliance, they are strong-minded and sociable persons. But if you ever got a chance to visit such a strong lady, ask her, what she is dreaming about, when got back home after hard working day and no one met her with a hug or sweet kiss? Ask her and you will get an answer by the sparkle in her eyes…

A family…