Harmful habits as a divorce reason

Nothing is eternal in this world. Love is in the air, people are falling in love, getting married, creating families. After the wedding day a holiday is staying in the past. Romantic evenings are going out of the reality. Welcome, routine.

It could happen that married couples become disappointed in a short time after marriage. It is clearly understandable that they just do not quite know each other, interests and habits. As for a life in a marriage, it could show you some lacks of your partner’s character. These harmful habits could quickly destroy your marriage.

A husband is suddenly become a beer fanatic, often drinking in a big company of friends. He is a person who is forgetting about his home duties at all. Some of the things he used to do at home are getting breakfast, dinner and watching tv on the cozy sofa. The internet life and computer games are not alien to him. Suddenly he does not have interest in his wife at all, the color of her hair has no matter to him, and he does not have time to talk with her such a little. Where goes his funny and lively behavior after the marriage? From the Her Ideal Hero only the socks are lying on the floor. Besides, socks without a pair.

But harmful habits are prerogative not only of men. Women have got not the last place in the top of people on this planet that is not ideal. Females are opening with time. So you have to learn a little woman’s habits, and then make a proposal.

Before getting married, woman tried to look so pretty, she worked at herself, used to visit gym, colored her nails, cared about her hair and so on. What to tell about the heels and sexy short dress she used to wear? Where goes that fabulous lady?

She has been replaced to weight lady walks in your home. In a place of hairy curls you see head rollers are winded. Her face sometimes becomes green or white. It is mask, do not be scare. Her perfect wear is warm home dressing-gown. You married to a sexy tigress as after some years living together you see a woman with sad face. In short pauses from talks with her talkative friends, she has to tell you enormous supply of remarks and tasks which she would gladly to say of before you are going at your job.

Some women are gladly reminding you about the time for shopping you promised to do with her next weekend. Some men are not fanatic of it. They just could not stand to walk and watch hour by hour. And it could happen that this “perfect dress” will not be founded and tomorrow boring process will be continued.

Yes, it is not so fun. Though it seems funny, but it the result it could give you the break of your relationships. If you do not say of the situations which you are not arranged with in your marriage life, with time these harmful habits can be an exact foundation for a divorce. Therefore, dear married couples, sit down, relax, take each other hands, and look into each other eyes. And endeavor to understand that harmful habits are such little minuses and problems compare to your love. Try to save it, protect it and hear your second half. It will help you to get the full understanding with her.