How to find a partner to be in love with forever?

How to find a partner to be in love with forever? This questions is more rhetorical and being asked by humanity during whole its existence. There is no simple answer on it.

To find this answer, please, read some row of conformities. They will help you to decide this situation.

First date
First date

How does it come you are being lonely? How happened you ask yourself who could be the right person for you? Possibly, you were in some relationship (long or short), it could be you were married before, and it could be you never tried to build serious relationships with a woman.  But in the end you are stayed alone. Why it is happened and let us think if there was also your mistake? Maybe you were not ready to a serious marriage (relationships)? Maybe your partner did not. But now you decided to try it again, we all pray to be loved but mostly we are praying to get love in life. From what you should start?


First of all, if the ache of your break has gone, take a sit, relax and try to analyze where your own mistakes were? Certainly, you should know for break up any relations should be added efforts of two people? Because we know that for a handshake two palms are needed. The same here.

There is no clue, your start was awesome! You met fantastic girl (woman), you had a good time with her, you both were happy and even more! But after the first wave of your interest in her has gone, you stopped and started to think: is she this woman I dreamed for? Is she the one I wanted? Is she the right person for me if we even do not have what to talk about after 3 months gone?Love forever

You know that love is in the air, but to work at your relationships, you have to be interested in a person you are getting with.  For example, you planned to discuss with her some movie, or to go and watch some motor show. But she did not want.  Everything became clear. You both are different.

And you asked yourself: what would be waiting for you in 10 years with this woman? When feelings get cold with years, when beauty gets a little grey color because you knew her for so long, what to do then?

Then you have got your own answer:  to be happy, you better primarily should find a woman with closer to your soul organization, similar interests, which will satisfy all of your requirements. Look at yourself, who are you? Then you will easily get an answer of who you need to be happy.

Real love
Real love

The main in your search is to analyze your past but to do not stop. Take into consider them and the result you got but never stop believing! You should be sure that somewhere on this planet is living a beautiful woman, who signed as your woman by some power above us. She is sitting in her kitchen, looking through her window and thinking: where you walking for so long? She so much wants to meet you: strong, mature, trusty! Remember, that is searched by you, searches you also. Always look in the future with a hope and your destiny will send you Her!