How to make your woman happy?

How to make your woman happy? 

Men who know women such a little know that sex female – it is an “essence” with a different style of mind, compare to their; it is a beautiful and amusing person which could change her view on things easier than you imagine, because most of them are lively wit people by their nature, a person whose sentiments could be changed from sad to glad with a high score. This palette of her minds is like a scale of colors-chameleons. If you are a wise artist, she will be your muse, not a problem.

How to make her lady being happy all the time? Is it possible at all? Most of the facts are showing that there are no women who are stable to changes in the inner world. Woman has much more emotional nature than man, her best way to live a life at full power – is to demonstrate her sentiments, do not keep them inside.

The most useful advice about how to glad your woman and by what is comprehensible style of life: man should live with a motto I can, while a woman should live with motto I wish. Ifboth of them will not forget their roles, this world will get plus one happy family to the list of lucky marriages.

To get what you wish for, always remember love is not relationships. Love is entering in contact with a woman. It is a river which never ends. Love is something in what your moon month will lasts forever. It is not a usual novel which starts one day and will be finished months later.  Love is continuous phenomenon. Some flowers of love blossom only after the protracted closeness. But in your relationships, your marriage must be loyalty of two hearts. Theloyalty must be silent; it is the loyalty of one heart to other, loyalty of one creature to other. It needs to be understood, but not to proclaim. Forget about relations and start to live in contact with your woman. As soon as you get into official marriage, you start to accept each other as something due in your life. This mistake is very popular and it destroys love-affairs and marriages.

To get into contact with your partner means every your day start from trying to get to know her a little better. Remember, today your woman is not that lady you have been to with yesterday. She is different. Yes, the table in your room and the bus at the street are still the same. But she does not. She changed.

Try to get closer to the person you are living with; she is mysterious, try to divine it. A gladness of love consists in research of consciousness. Try to get in contact with your woman as often as it possible, as deeper you will get into her inner world, as better you will see a mirror in her, with a help of it, first of all, you will learn yourself, understand yourself and learn to hear your heart’s voice.

To get in contact with your woman every day means to stay in condition of honey moon forever. Every person (male or female) is an eternal fathomless mystery. Love is continuous adventure. If you will understand it, you will get a chance to make your woman the happiest male on the world. Good luck!