How to prepare for a meeting with a charming russian girl?

How to prepare for a meeting with a charming russian girl?

Communicating online is quite interesting, but the dialogue in living much better. You are in the same room. You hear the same sounds, voices, noises. You seat near on the settee or on the chairs opposite each other. You feel the fragrance of each other. The first meeting with your future wife, your charming russian girl,  is the most important thing in your love story. This is an amazing moment. Humanity has not invented anything better than a first look at each other, the first kiss, the first hug, first date, first dinner together. Everything in love that begins with the word “first” – is the best. You will remember it all your life.

However, this is a serious step as the most difficult exam, you’ll definitely nervous. If you invite a lady to your country, she will be nervous in a thousand times more. Your task is to make the girl’s first visit to your home, safety and comfort, and also interesting and memorable. As a result, she must want to be with you, to give you her life, to return to you soon, as soon as possible. The first thing you need to do – is to clean the house, wash the dishes and glasses, curtains. The air must be fresh and light. At first glance, it is simple things, but many people forget about them, thus scaring off our charming ladies. And, do not pressure her, let her stay at the hotel, if she wants. Remember that you are looking for not only charming russian girl, you are looking for a wife for a lifetime, not for a woman for one night. Give her time to get used to you, love you, to want to be around, even at night. Only then your first night will be excellent.

Do not forget that your cultures are very different. She may accidentally do something that should not be. Do not blame her for it. You have to protect her from embarrassing situations, helping in everything. In your city she is like a child who does not know practically anything. Give her advice. Help her to understand the familiar “for you” things. All this also applies to language. You need all of this also apply to the language. Features pronunciation, slang, dialect can play a cruel joke. Help her to emerge victorious from any situation.

Do not forget about the entertainment program. Plan it in advance. Include in list favorite museums, famous places, the most popular shops, restaurants, parks and monuments. Talk to her, smile, joke and be positive. You are not her guide, you are her boyfriend. Make everything as in a fairy tale. Prepare a romantic date for your ladie. Be as a gentleman with her. Make dinner at a nice restaurant. Present her a bouquet of fresh flowers, champagne or wine, put on beautiful music. Invite your girl on first dance in the style of a waltz, rumba, or others. Do not choose a quick dance. If only she will not want it too.

Do not forget that all women love surprises and gifts. Give her something that will remind you. Give her something unusual, valuable. Give gold or diamonds only if you are sure in this woman. If you feel, you real love her. Do not rush to give expensive gifts. Hurry to make a first meeting. Life is too short to be lonely. Remember this!