Important question: Children or No Children?

Important question: Children or No Children?

Nowadays serious question is growing between woman and man being in love: if they are ready to marriage? Possibly, yes. Does it mean they both are ready for a child becomes part of it? This is major issue for both male and female. What do they find the right statement exactly in their relationships? While you both finding the right relationship try to regard your mind to your dreams. Whether children were or not a part of them? Great, if you have similar view on creating a family with children as soon as possible. But it is life, everything could happen and you should also consider that other person (your potential partner)cannot conceive or has chosen not to have children in his life a while time ago.

In our world to have a child for a woman it is kind of rate of output on some manufacture. It takes these expectations from our cultural past.  Nevertheless, we all should decide if we want to be childfree by our own choices. It could happen that some life circumstances bring you to take this decision in life. Every of us has it is own destination, that is not right that all women and men should have children at generally accepted age.

If you date to a Russian bride, probably, you both are romantics and you chose names of your kids at your first date. You speak a lot about how to raise them, what are the best methods to do this. Of course, it depends on your values. But what if you date to a woman, she is nice, beautiful, wise and so on, you adore her and she reassure you as well and you still do not wish even to talk about children in your life. What if you want to feel this romance forever?

In life could have a place a sad situation when a doctor tells your partner that he or she could not have kids. Will you be stunned if you will hear this about your love half? For most people life after hearing such words seemsunworthy living. Time help those people who have got it in their lives. But are you ready to support your partner in the situation like this? How soon you could talk to her after such a verdict?  Are you ready to explain him or her that life on any terms is more attractive than death?Will you help him (her) to realize it? That is a pain; often people ask for divorce to give a person they love a chance to have children with other possible partners.

If this ever happen to you or your partner, remember that first of allyou or your partner or any other person should walk away from everything. A person who has got such a verdict should understand what was vital to his (her) happiness. Human should being freed from limitations, no matter how and why it would happen. It will bring you to the next step of creating completely different idea of the future for yourself. A person who will review his thoughts (about life with children or not), will open vast field of opportunities. This field has been beyond his imagination.

In world there are so many people who are charming, creative, sexy, committed, at first it will be weird for you to know that they does not care about kids. And what a great feeling you could get by loving him or her, you will feel this person is obviously supports your new lifestyle. In your previously imagination you never got a thought those people are also living in this world! Realizing of this statement makes you feel delighted with your choices and happy woman or man without children. That is a miracle – to find your new way out of the depth of despair into joy.

Life is full of surprises. You never knew what the future will bring forth. Over and over by doings in life we should recognize how many opportunities are there. Often they are beyond our imagination. You should be ready to walk bravely into the mystery that unfolds before you. In life our brains our full of false beliefs we create by our own. What were your yearly year’s experiences? These beliefs often tell you what y must to do. You must be worthy, stay safe, to love and to be loved, that is right? It is a big self-healing work to clean your mind from such of things, because many of them came unconsciously to you and even without your consent on it.

If you are deciding this major issue about having children  in your life, and being honest to yourself, you do not know how to decide this critical issue with your partner, please, consider how would be better  to introduce yourself from this side into your new relationship. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Learn yourself , know and acknowledge the limits of your situation about kids

You talked to a doctor and for now you know that you have infertility. Is this is really your issue? If yes, what big steps you are ready to make to have them in the future? Maybe you heard about having children through adoption, surrogacy, or step-children? Are you opened to choices like these? Or maybe you have chosen to be childfree, is your resolve firm and it is an undiscussed question for you. What is your potential partner is infertile or could be he or she chooses to be childfree, will it become a barrier to your future love relations? Be honest with a person you are dating with is it a just a preference or an absolute?

To end loving, supportive and strong relationships because some of you do not want children it is folly. The best advice is to never give up your dream, because in the future you could regret it. That is why you should learn yourself and make the right choice, if you will know your own wishes, you will make the choice that is best for you, for sure.

  1. Your expectationsfrom the relationship

To recognizefor sure what you want from the relationship you should take some time to consider what kind of relationship you are looking for at the moment. Ask yourself if you search for a long-term unite or are you more interested in being calm and seeing where this commitment it will lead?

  1. Do not keep in the secret the way you see your life and bring up this question early

If you and your partner are being truthful about your dreams, bring up this topic at your early dating. For example, you could ask her or him what her (his) dream, goal in life. Try to answer truthfully about yourself also.  If this question important for you and the issue about children or no children in life has got critical form already, let you both speak more about it. Try to listen closely, share your ideas and minds, at the same time respect your partner’s point of view and be opened to exploring.