Life together. Happy family.

Life together. Happy family.

Well, a miracle was finally done here. You met Her, you married Her, you are living together and you both meeting life’s daily problems face to face now. Your small family is a small ship which is going to the big sea world.

How could you do this ship strength and safe, which bravely could stand to waves of everyday routine, and find his landing place in this big world?

From the first day of your life together, try to live with the one and the main rule – care about your partner as well as you dream she or he will do care about you.

Even if you live together, you go hand in hand in life, has been told already that you are passengers of the one ship, it is necessary to respect opinion of your partner.

If you truly love your partner, you love everything about him, even his hobbies and desires. So do not get offended when he wants to watch a football match or she dreams you go with her at shopping, then in the cinema. Do not get moody if you will go together with your woman and you will have to spend some hours in a company of her talkative friends. Remember, tomorrow your friends will visit you to watch a hockey game and probably you will loudly comment of what there happen on tv translation.

Never try to change your partner. Please, take this person with all its pluses and minuses in character. As for weaknesses – who does not have them?

Try to respect the relatives of your chosen one. If you can, note the dates ofbirths of all the members just obtained big family. It is small points for you, but big steps of possibly big happiness you will get if you do not forget about them.

women with gift

Never forget your first date and your great emotions after it, your first kiss, and of course, your marriage day. It was a special time for you both. Is not it?

Be generous in compliments with your second half. Woman, for example, love to hear nice words, she is a good listener. It is not so hard to tell a few words in the morning about her appearance, but these words could make her day.


Well-known, that all men should treat their women. Remember, they so much found of nice surprises! Like a kids! Small nice things do not effort for big expenses. It could be small bouquet without any reason to give it. A small card with a few words about how strong you love her (secretly placed in her bag before she goes at her job). It is not so hard for you to call her on a free from work minute and tell her you are already missed her. Or meet her after work day at her office and invite her to the dinner in restaurant or in the cinema. Let it be spontaneous things!

Do these small things as often as it possible and you will see how happily her eyes shine with you, how many loves and caress you will get just from one her look.

Let your souls warms your house, let this special sparkle between you supports the heat of the hearth. Let your house will be hospitable and cozy makes you always want to get back home.