Marriage with woman with children from a previous relationship. Pros and cons.

Nowadays in the world there are so many divorces through even just married couples, the coefficient of them is getting higher with every next day. The number of divorces rough similar to marriages. What it is under this statistic? Some people often do not take a marriage seriously, especially young couples which do not have so needed life experience, financial ground under themselves, and knowledge about how to build relationships.


Women’s pregnancy is one of the main reasons to become married for many people. As a rule, these unites could not last for a long time. Members of this unite easily could say bye to each other, and almost in every similar situation a kid is staying to live with his mother.

Most of men have negative view on kid from previous woman’s marriage, her previous relationships. Especially, it happens when a man start to date with woman, which has a child, seriously. Somehow, we could excuse them. Every one of us dreams to educate a native kid. It could be explained by men’s psychology- they could not stand their women have had some past. And that their women were married or were in love with otherкmen. And sometimes they seriously think about the gen of this kid. All these minds have their right to be. But, if you look at this situation from the other side, you could find so many positive moments in your dating with a woman who has a kid already.

As a rule, a woman who gives birth to such one kid has got a very big experience in life. She takes life in more responsible way than she did before. Time for parties has gone in the past. From Unsuccessful first marriage she has got a few lessons. The first of them is that a family life is every day work. Work at yourself, wish for build new and lovely relationships. Woman starts to choose her partner attentively. She esteems not only his appearance and his age, but also the inner world of her partner. Now she knows that outer world is not everything. She became wise and respects her man, support him in his beginnings. She understands that the future of her and not only (her kid) depends on this man. Russian people used to say: if you get in love with her, you will treat her kid as well also. After all, this child is a part of your lovely woman.


A man who decided to get married with a woman who already has a kid from the previous marriage, become amazingly happy in a marriage with her. Do not be scare of kids, they are angels sent to us from above. Just try to think, what a good act you will do if you will try to substitute to this child his father?

Just imagine. You came back home from work, opened the door, and the first person who you will be met by will be little smiling kid, which will call you: ”Daddy, hi”. And you will got this perfect feeling of what real love is, you will take this kid, hold him, and understand how good was your intentions. You will look into your lovely woman’s eyes, got so much gratitude in them that you will become sure for hundred percent that you all are family.