Most beautiful Venezuelan women

 Most beautiful Venezuelan women

The first beauties of Latin America are considered not Brazilian, but girls who live in the country bordering with Brazil – Venezuela. Venezuelan women have won 21 times at the prestigious international beauty contests: 7 times in the “Miss Universe”, and 6 times in the “Miss World” and “Miss International”, and twice – in the contest “Miss Earth”. Such incredible success of Venezuelan women, giving them the right to claim the title of the most beautiful women in the world are associated with very popular and prestigious beauty contest “Miss Venezuela”: almost every girl wants to put Venezuela on the crown of the winner of this contest. In the present is now ranking the most beautiful Venezuelan women, almost all the beauties took or tried to take part in the “Miss Venezuela”. We would like to note that this is just our opinion.

Scarlet Ortiz (12 March 1974) – Venezuelan actress. She took part in the contest Miss Venezuela 1992.

Scarlet Ortiz

Sabrina Seara (27 March 1985) – Venezuelan actress.

Sabrina Seara

María Gabriela Isler (21 April 1988) – Miss Universe 2013. Maria has Swiss and German roots.

Maria Gabriela Isler

Francys Sudnicka – Venezuelan model of Polish descent.

Francys Sudnicka

NOREL Rodríguez (14 July 1977) – Venezuelan television presenter and model. She took part in the contest Miss Venezuela 2001.

Norelys Rodríguez

Grecia Colmenares (December 7, 1962, Valencia, Venezuela) – Venezuelan and Argentine actress

Grecia Colmenares

Lydimar (Ly) Jonaitis (October 12, 1985, Valencia, Venezuela) – actress, model, Miss Venezuela 2006, ranked third in the Miss Universe 2007.

Lydimar (Ly) Jonaitis

Elián Herrera (b. January 4, 1991) – Venezuelan model

Elián Herrera

Aída Yéspica – fashion model, actress and TV presenter.

Aída Yéspica

Dayana Mendoza – Miss Venezuela 2007 Miss Universe 2008.

Dayana Mendoza

Stefanía Fernández – Miss Venezuela 2008 Miss Universe 2009.

Stefanía Fernández

Estefanía López (31 August 1983) – Venezuelan actress.

Estefanía López

Mónica Spear (October 1, 1984 – January 6 2014) – Venezuelan actress, Miss Venezuela 2004.

Monica Spear

Ivian Sarcos – Miss World 2011.

Ivian Sarcos

Alicia Machado – actress, singer, Miss Venezuela 1995 Miss Universe 1996. She was born December 6, 1976.

Alicia Machado

Irene Esser – Miss Venezuela 2011.

Irene Esser

Angela Ruiz – First Vice-Miss Venezuela 2010. Born October 4, 1989.

Angela Ruiz