Romance. How to keep a fresh feelings.

Firstly in every love there is a ray of light. But life is though that when people who are in love start dating officially, they could destroy this feeling. They are trying to catch it, to hold it and never lost.  But we all know if you want to see romance in your relationship lasts as long as it possible, never try to attack with your doubts, suspicions, experiencing, anxious ideas. What you have had in the past – it is gone. If you will keep thinking about negative sides of it, you will lose your happy present.

If you asked yourself how to save romance in your relationships, you have to remember that love does not collapse marriage. Love destroys by people which are not able to love. Love is something eternal, part of eternity. If you grow, if you know this art and accept realities of love life, then it continues to grow every day. Marriage becomes infinite possibility to grow in love.

Nothing can prang love. If it is a real love, it continues to grow. Sexual appetence is being only toward unknown – as soon as you test taste of body of woman or man, sexual appetence disappears. Never take sexual appetence for love. What is love? What is romance for you?

Love is not passion and love is not emotion. Love is deep understanding that someone completes you. In presence of him (her) you suddenly start to feel happy. Simply because you are together, you could feel an ecstasy. His (her) presence in your life satisfies something deepest in your heart. That begins to sing in your heart, you get in harmony. Presence of him (her) helps to be you more collected, you become more individual, more centered, more balanced. Then it is love.

To always stay in this perfect feeling, to love forever, you should know that true love –it is a phenomenon, which is not standing limitations. It can be held on the opened hands but it is impossible to retain in fists. As soon as fists compress, they appear empty. As soon as they are unclenched, all purebecomes accessible for you.

To grow in your relationships and save their best feelings, you should work at yourself and try to open more new things for you and your partner. As we mentioned before, every love begins romantically. But it is closed by the end of honeymoon, because living in romanticism is impossible. Do you agree with aforesaid? Do you think romance is something temporal?

Or you try to find new way to refresh your feelings?

What would be your steps to get it?

Good advice for you in this situation, at this step of your love life, when you see your partner, every day try to remind yourself how good was your first impression about him (her). Psychologists advise us always to remember this light idea of the partner you are living with. Some time ago it was you who chose him (her).  For what qualities you appreciated this person? You felt in love with him (her).  It means your feelings were based on good moments and your thoughts were not sad because of daily routine you are in today. Relax, calm down and light memory of him (her) will help you forgive some mistakes of your lover. Love is known by beginning, but never knows an end.