Stereotyping women’s temperaments based on physical appearance: blondes or brunettes?

Stereotyping women’s temperaments based on physical appearance: blondes or brunettes?

The color of your hair probably could tell more about you and your personality. At least, the science told us some facts about it. Strange, but somehow color of your hair could mirror your inner world, your thoughts and suggest the type of your character, temperament. We all heard these facts and the best example could be viewed on women.

Sweet and cutie blonde compare to serious and passionate brunette. In magazines we see how blondes promote pink and marvelous dreams. While brunettes take the opposite position and become models for some dangerous, adventurous and fearless ideas. Often brunettes associate with smart category of women and blondes with foolish one.

There are some standard archetypes of beauty, many years ago nature differentiated them andtoday we have many races, nationalities and behaviors. For example, some men prefer to get in touch with hot brunette with a dark skin, fully lips and big eyes, some prefer to choose thin shaped, blue eyes colored blonde with cute smile. Interesting, that among Ukrainian women you could find many unusual archetypes like: natural blonde with dark eyes, dark brunette with blue eyes, a woman Slavonic type with light brown hair and green or grey eyes. How if is it possible? A nature could make so many jokes?

Often women disagree with their native color of their hair. They dye their hair from light brown to blonde and back. It is very popular in Ukraine where are the most beautiful brides in the world living. This is why they change it to another color which can give them a possibility to show themselves, to demonstrate their passionate or calm personalities, to get waited react from men.

French fashion stylists’ advice women to light their hair for 2 colors to look younger.  But how it could be connected to their temperamental behaviors? Is stereotyping women’s temperaments based on physical appearance has place in real life?

When you plan to build relationships with Ukrainian blonde, you have to know some myths were made around them and easily interpret these jokes as things helped light colored hair Ukrainian brides to be more favorable than brunettes and redheads. Above all this, men should remember that hair color of Ukraine women is associated with numbers of personality traits hot bride. Regarding to myths about light colored girls, blondes are associated with having more fun, while redheads are women with bad tempers. Brunettes are associated with more reliable and steady life. But what many people do not realize at all is that while brides hair color can give only limited insight on her personality, it actually offers a great deal of clues about her health. But to do not analyze your woman’s health incorrect, first make sure what was her natural hair color before dyeing.

Contrast plays not the last role in the world of women. It could happen woman feels herself today as a blonde: kind, lovely, tender, sentimental and suddenly next tomorrow morning she come to beauty salon and change her hair to the opposite. Sometimes it helps to change destiny. Women believe in it.  As was mentioned before, it could give a woman chance to feel so needed traits as self-confidence, passionate and others. The effect of hair color could be fabulous on some attributed personality characteristics of women. Ukrainian women are those who try and get what they want in the result.

There are so many women, with different hair color and different temperaments. How to choose between them? Tender dreaming blonde or passionate brunette? Most of Ukrainian women are self-taught ladies; they learn a lot how to become better each new day. Brides change their hair color as often as they want. Then maybe this question is more rhetorical? Because how could we choose before day and night? Two different natural phenomenon and both of them are incredible!