Most beautiful Venezuelan women

Venezuela – the birthplace of the “beauty queens”

Venezuela – the only country girl from which six times became the winner of “Miss Universe”: Stefania Fernandez in 2009, Dayana Mendoza (Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada) 2008, Alicia Machado in 1996, Barbara Palacios 1986, Irene Saez 1981, Maritza Sayalero Fernández 1979.

Stefania Fernandez 2009
Stefania Fernandez 2009
Dayana Mendoza
Dayana Mendoza 2008
Alicia Machado
Alicia Machado 1996
Barbara Palacios
Barbara Palacios 1986
Irene Saez
Irene Saez 1981
Maritza Sayalero Fernández
Maritza Sayalero Fernández 1979

In many respects it is a merit Osmel Sousa, president of “Miss Venezuela”, which over the years  just perform miracles: in the same year the girls of his “Academy” Irene Saez won the “Miss Universe” and another graduate – Pilin Leon won “Miss World.” This success could not achieve any country. Another record “king of beauty”, as they call Osmel Sousa: girls from Venezuela two years rose to the highest pedestal of “Miss Universe” – in 2008 and in 2009.

Pilin Leon
Pilin Leon

Dayana Mendoza was gorgeous, she was beautiful, uninhibited and eloquent. She felt comfortable everywhere: in front of the camera, on stage, in front of the crowd. She could eat anything and still stay slim and toned.

Osmel Sousa
Osmel Sousa

After two years of negotiations with Osmel Sousa, in 2007, she agreed to take part in the national beauty contest, Dayana Mendoza received her short list of its shortcomings and heard, now it’s her job. Beauty is big business in Venezuela.

The annual competition Miss Venezuela brings to the South American country big profits, and in the day of the show on television Miss Venezuela, in the country literally stops life. Many Venezuelan women grow and dream of having the title “Miss Universe”, and many Venezuelans may call to mind the names of past winners of the Miss Venezuela, as people in other countries can rattle off the names of former presidents.
“It’s part of our culture”, said Venezuelan journalist Monika Bustamante, who lives in New Jersey, “This is our national differences, in essence it is a national resource.”

Venezuela has always hoped to win at international beauty contests, or at least take a place among the best. In recent times representatives of the country has repeatedly won crown Miss Universe, and were among the finalists in the Miss World.

Venezuela has won more international beauty contests than any other country, largely due to the well-established strategies show Miss Venezuela. The contest is managed by Sousa from 1981, never relies on chance.

Sousa and his army of assistants are constantly searching across Venezuela, identifying potential participants in the contest Miss Venezuela. They go to fashion shows, attend local beauty contests, shopping centers and nightclubs, taking beautiful women who afterward appear on the podium. That Sousa showed the world that the Venezuelan women the most beautiful girls in the world. Thanks to this men all over the world are looking for Venezuelan bride.

Those Venezuelan girl who kept a few rounds, coming under the full control by Sousa and his assistants, and are invited to a special “beauty school” where begins the painstaking work to create the image, based on advantages and disadvantages of the new Venezuelan beauty queen.

Staff “beauty school” includes hairdressers, make-up artists, fitness trainers, instructors in the art of speech, trainers dancing and walking. Dentists need to straighten and whiten teeth women contestants, plastic surgeons to correct the deficiencies of the face and figure, and with diet and exercise, the girls brought to perfection.

“Contestants Miss Venezuela train like Olympic athletes”, said Bustamante, “They’re all out, both physically and mentally. Mode very hard and everything is exactly calculated. The people who run the Miss Venezuela, want to see from the ladies the whole package of advantages”.

Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, said: “Venezuela of a long history Miss Universe practically set the standard of beauty”.

“For people who do not know, I usually explain that Venezuela is going to Miss Universe, like Brazil going to the world football championship”, says Shugart. “Everyone always expects from Brazil’s wins, and they are often the same team, which is compared to other, same with Venezuela and Miss Universe”.