Business lady or housewife?

Nowadays men have to take a very serious decision, correctly to say, well-weighed step in life when they choose their life partner.  In today’s world much more women take up high qualified posts. They are welcomed to take up the main control posts like are general, deputy directors, heads of Department directors. And you know they do. Women organized their own business and successfully guide it, they manage many charity projects, take up high political posts all over the world, through women you can find many good volunteers.

The character of lovely, unparticular housewife is leaving behind in the past. Most men are attracted to beautiful, strong, intelligent women.

Women are good partners in business. The practice shows they are perfect, accurate and high score executors.

Looks like everything great. But men who plan to closely relate his life with a business woman has to be agreed with one fact that in his life some parts of standard family likeare wonderful and amazing evenings together, some intimate and precious, “yours one”moments would be gone from it.  Because his lady will get busy at her office as much he did.

But so many men have secret wish and they all dream to be met at home after work by lovely wife who already prepared a tasty meal for him. Whocared also about his clothes, by woman which is tidy and already cleaned the house while he was busy with some deals from his job. He has to understand that time for an apple pie and hot tea together would be changed by food from nearest restaurant or even for a lonely evening in some café. Or the easiest way for you to be treated would become your evening sharing with a pizza and a beer from pizzeria.

We used to know that outlook of housewife is poor compare to overview of a lady who are get into some business, who are involved in social world, who are welcome in so many cultural places like are theatre, cinema and others.

Yes, the choice is really hard to do. Who to choose? So business lady or still the housewife?

In this case would be called lucky that man who chooses as a partner for his life real Russian woman. Russian ladies perfectly completed in this meaning. These womensuccessfully combineall the great straits of a woman’s character in themselves. Housekeeping, looking after kids, cooking, being into successful business, going into sport, music, being popular and knowing at social world. And plus they finding time to look after themselves and looking like real barbies from the shop. They are used to be the most beautiful women in the world.

Amazing appearance of Russian women help them to be lucky into business. Calm and woman’s maturity could lay the unbelievable roads at any business fields they are involved.

Every Russian woman after she finishedher work day came back home and turns into lovely and understanding housewife.

So what’s the secret of these women? Maybe it comes from mysterious, generous Slavonic soul?