Communication on the dating site: pen pal russian bride

Communication on the dating site: pen pal russian bride

Hello dear blog readers! Online dating communication is not real without mailing via Internet. In this type of communication has its own advantage and disadvantage. It is known that the word itself is transmitted only about 10% of the all content of the message and the rest is transmitted by tone of voice and non-verbal signals. So to find pen pal russian bride, we have only 10% of the information, the rest of the content remains unaddressed. On the other hand in communicating on a dating site through letters and have their advantage – time to think about the answer and make the best version of the letter.

In order for communication at the russian dating website has helped you to find new possibilities and has not brought a dead end, try to avoid mistakes that men often do in the correspondence on the Internet.

1. We arbitrarily ascribe emotions to the contents of the letter

Reading the contents of the letters, we ascribe to words the emotions, trying to fill the lack of nonverbal information. Most often we use the association related with past experiences or stories from russian dating sites, which made on us emotional impression. Perceiving content through the prism of past experiences or other people’s stories, we unwittingly distort the information.

2. We write the first thing that comes to mind

If we emotionally respond to the letters, that this letters we write the first thing that comes to mind, and after this we send this letter. Trigger run eyes by letter again for to correct errors. And few who are trying to analyze the meaning of the content. What I wrote? Why I wrote it? What is the goal I pursue?

3. We allow ambiguity

Responding to the letter, we forget that at our disposal only 10% of the capacity of communication. Forming text should compensate for the absence of non-verbal contact by verbs and adjectives that describe the emotions that we want to express. To identify emotions can even use emoticons, but in reasonable quantities.

4. We send confidential information

Tools of communication on the russian pen pal datingwebsites, is technically not able to guarantee the privacy of correspondence. Just do not know who has access to your mail recipient. Therefore, there is a general practice is not to use email to transmit confidential information. Men ignore this rule and send candid photos, details of bank cards and other information of a private nature.

5. We forget about the goal of correspondence

Too much focus on process, forgetting about the purpose of spending time and energy by running in a closed circle incoming and outgoing mail. Draw in the imagination of alluring images and castles in the air.
The goal of correspondence – a real friendship. If the correspondence does not go in to real communication, it makes no sense