Blonde Russian bride

Blonde Russian Bride

The influence of colors on emotional condition of the person is well-known fact for a long time already. But colors also make a certain effects on a physical state. Different tone – different effect. Deep inner communication of the somatic and psychological is confirmed not only in works of scientists-psychologists, but also physicians, sociologists, art critics, historians, etc. For example, Van Gogh said that colour in essence is expression of something, and it is impossible to renounce it.

Blonde hair is an interesting combination of all rainbow’s colours.

For Europeans- blonde means virgin innocence because appears to our look as pure, snow-white and absolutely spotless color. It is a fact, white being associated with good and divinity by most people in the world. If you ever pay your attention to such things as bird’s eggs shell or at human’s eye, then you must know that this association has the right to be not without purpose: many good things in the world are painting in the white tones. Therefore it isn’t surprising that white is takes as a receptacle, a cradle of our life.

Blonde Bikini Bride
Blonde Bikini Bride

White is a synthesis of all other tones. In consciousness of people it is associated with something “ideal” . The white wedding dress is a dream for many russian brides, not without the reason! Practically all gorgeous Russian brides choose showwhite dresses for wedding day – most ‘special’ day!

In Europe white is “color of a dream”.

White color has multiple-valued sense in itself. Interesting, that blonde Russian bride are associated with tenderness, kindness and warm-heartedness. These ladies appear as something pure in men’s life, it looks like these light-haired woman could bring peace of mind, wherever they go.

Through many people, irrespective of their age, habits or character traits, most of them will easily give preference to this extremely attractive tone. The same happening with men, when they are being in the search for their love. White color pushes away nobody, and even on the contrary, attracts. In men’s world blonde Russian bride is associated with a calm person, careful, affectionate one.

Not for nothing, many ladies changed their native hair tone to the Blonde. This choice could be easily explained by psychology: blonde hair tones hides age of a woman, the blonde russian brides looks younger, but this is also attracts many men and helps her to adjust people, which communicate with her, on a positive emotional wave. If you see, that Russian lady changed her hair to the Blonde, no doubts, she wants to change her life. Maybe she missed easiness in her life, she wishes for bright future and thinks that fair color of the hair will help her in finding the right way to dreams. No one knows, sometimes it works!

If to back to the discussion about rainbow tones, concretely to the white, this is preferred by those, who easily enters a condition of ecstasy, or it can be the person with a strong imagination. Maybe your hot blonde russian bride is being one of those exclusive people?

Then you should know, characters of such persons is extremely contradictory, and their life simply dazzles with absolutely opposite and practically always extreme poles. So blondies, these amazing hotties, are not as calm as they seem to be?

But try to find positive moments. If you are dating with pretty russian bride, which is being able to change her character, even starting from changes in her appearance, it is a good sign. If you meet natural Russian blonde bride, maybe in the nearest future you will make sure however,that tender outside look is directly proportional to inside world?