Few Reasons Why You Should Marry With Russian Pretty Ladies

Few Reasons Why You Should Marry With Russian Pretty Ladies

If Beloved Ladie is a Russian, take my advice: she’s Slavonian, put a ring on her finger!

West World full myths about Russian girls, Russian Ladies are often associated with some maligned. Their loss! Here we want to say few reasons why Russian Ladies are great life partners for you.

1. Russian ladies are family oriented.

All Russian ladies have a repute of solicitude for their families. There are differences between Western women and Russian girls, Russian girls love family and kids much more than career. Cleanliness and wellbeing in the house is a main aim for russian pretty ladies. They will always want that everyone in the family is have enough attention and care. Slavic ladys value their parents and honor national traditions. Most important, Russian ladies from childhood know about real life aspects, they know that life is not easy and it has nothing with Disney tale. They are prepared for the challenges of life in family.

russian pretty lady

2. Russian Ladies So Pretty.

If imagine scale of 1 to 10, they have the highest score. Russian ladies are basically world-known for their exquisite great looks. Russian women will look extra stunning — it doesn’t make a difference the amount of time and cash it takes. For russian ladie make up is an art, people! At the street you can often see Russian ladies who corrects their make up all time, russian girl can taking trash out in high heels and this is normal. Be ready! Russian lady do not judge man by his clothes — but she’s always can help her man choose nice clothes to match her amazing dress…

3. Russian lady are very feminine and they are proud of it – and learn how to use it!

Maybe main reasons why West men like Russian women so much — they are tired of career ladies who forgot about natural, feminine charms. Slavian ladies know nature endowed they with great gifts, and russian ladies know how use them!

Russian beauty

4. Russian lady have desire to cook for you.

With Russian wife at your dining table would be something like a stuffed turkey or some more interesting dishes. Slavic women love to cook and they are good in it. Real fact, russian ladies often cook way too much — and you’re going to have to eat it all! Aside from the borsch, traditional but strange-looking salads such as”herring under a fur coat”, Russian ladies have great culinary repertoire. Your Slavic wife will probably put too much mayonnaise in your soup, but remember — she has only good intentions.

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5. Russian ladies are tough as nails.

Keep that in mind. Russian ladies are strong — mentally and physically — when the moment calls for it. There is a famous Russian proverb, probably from a Tolstoy novel: “Don’t be an asshole. Otherwise a Russian ladies will find you and kill you.” Yes, it is just kidding. But if be seriously, Russian ladies will do everything she can for the beloved. But, despite the strength of Russian ladies, they are always looking for a man to share their lives with.

Take into consideration, in school every Russian lady learns how to field-strip and shoot a Kalashnikov. Just keep in mind before coming home at sunrise, smelling of alcohol and godless tart perfume.

You still want to marry with Russian lady? Don afraid. It’s worth it.