First kiss

First kiss

Statistics says that almost every person in the world at least once in a lifetime goes through relationships where her( his) heart is breaking, knocking to pieces by his( her) partner, oftenwithout no reason for this.

Why is it happening? Because for the most part, people are growing without correct understanding of what love is. Usually they take an interpretation of love from others, who were close to them during some period of their life ( like from their parents, whose love-affair was probably the one accessible example during so many years) and live with anopinion that this conception of love is true. Sometimes  they erroneously substitute amorousness for love, take lust for love etc.

How to recognize that it is real love now knocking in your door and do not become upset if itwill be gonein a short while? Okay, first of all, it’s should be known by you, that psychology distinguish a few types of love. If you take a love as a feeling, then remember the difference between lust, passion, desire and care, kindness, a wish to make your partner happy. If you take a love as a will, then you decide to love this person, to help her( him) to become better, than she (he) was, you are trying to realize her(his) dreams and share your happiness with her( him) without any expectation for gratitude.

If it was happened that you were hurted by someone and after this experience you are scaring to build new relationships, fall in love, then these advices were made specially for you:

  • If you have got a feeling that you want love and want to try to get a first kiss again, you should know your past is being your past now, let it go. But for your great future, you better analyze and find your own mistakes in previous relationships. Humans are emotionally depending creatures. This is why to give everything to your partner what she or he wants from relationships, you have to work at your love everyday, work at your own personality. Even if a lover who is being with you now, will not evaluate your efforts, always remember, that first of all, you do it for yourself, it will help you to become an ideal partner. And in the future you will get much more choices through potential partners.
  • If you are on the way, you are trying to build new love, and suddenly you have got a feeling, why you need all of this, to be hurted again? Then try to understand that building relationships means to share your happiness and warmth with another person. If you are searching for love, because you feel your soul is empty, then it is not a better time to try to get a first kiss again. What should be your steps in this situation? The best method to love someone is firstly to love yourself. Answer honestly on a question: who are you, what traits of your personality are great , is there are something special in you what could be interesting for another person also ? If you do not know, if you never tried to learn yourself, start it just right now. Was the dream of your childhood to become a famous artist? Maybe a singer ? Why to do not try it now? It may be you will not become a superstar but you will open in yourself something really special about you. It could become your hobby, who knows, maybe the job of your life. Try to find something what you really like to do.