Russian wedding

Russian wedding. A wedding in Russia is very specifically and unordinary process. It has two sides of medals to discuss.

First of all, Russian wedding could be recognized by the number of guests. On this holiday usually are invited all of the relatives of a bride and a marriageable young man, even relatives from the other parts of this Earth, colleagues from jobs of just married and some colleagues from work of their parents. And of course, there you could meet their neighbors’.  In Russia people explain presence of unsuspected guests (neighbors) by joke: where you will hide from them?

Traditionally Russian wedding starts from coming fiancé and best man to bride’s home, where they are already waited by guests. To get a bride to the registration office a future husband should be ready to solve some funny questions on the road to her and also redeem his bride. It could cost a pretty penny to him. Skillful fiancé use to haggle and propose champagne or candies to get his bride. It does not work, as a rule. When it is done, after these steps fiancé and bride use to go and register their marriage officially.After newly wedded have got an official document, they come on wedding ceremony in the church.Then some hours spend with a photographer to make good pictures as a memory from such a good day. Guests are also invited.

And here we go to the most interesting moment of this ceremony – celebrating!

Usually to celebrate this great event, newly wedded invite their guests in advance rented restaurant or café. On threshold of this restaurant just married couples met by their parents who wish them to have a happy life together. After they did, all of the guests are welcomed at the table. As a rule, a hall of restaurant decorated in some style. In Russia people use to get a decorator and designer especially for this.

It is significant to say that treating of guests is incredible! Tables are full of delicious dishes, sometimes of different kitchens all over the world. There are vegetable, meat and sweet dishes! And of course, there are so many alcohol and fresh juices on them.

As a traditional, the realization of the wedding is taken by special invited man. He writes scenery of the event, and then discusses it with future family members. The scenery of the wedding includes a few parts of the wedding celebrating. There istreating of the guests, pauses for drinking cocktails and champagne, saying nice wishes to newly married couple. And after that, the funniest phase – dancing. This is unforgettable, keen spectacle. The degree of merrymaking is getting higher and higher with every next pause for a drinking table. With every next hour setting free and opening of guests are growing.

All are getting crazy about newly married, they are so beautiful! If to describe a bride… Russians used to dress a bride as real princess. Her hair, make-up, nails, everything is perfect. Fiancé usually chose a strict and fashion suit.

The end of the wedding is coming with keeping tradition of taking down the bridal veil and casting of bouquet to unmarried girls of this event. After this newly wedded are saying bye to the guests, but merriment proceeds. Guests remembering that they have to be strong and stand future two days of partying. Because celebrating of Russian wedding continuing three days.