Russian women

All world know that Russian women are best wives and best family partners in relationships. But as people say that nothing is not ideal at our life. Unfortunately but its true. And I be happy to tell some about good and bad sides of this amazing and pretty Russian women. I guess that want to start from the nice sides.

At first main part of Russian women not only beautiful but also they rather witty and clever. Main part of them read much more than a lot of West Europe or American women and its true, not a myth. Not surprisingly that they often can easy discuss at the different topics and can give you advice when you need it. I agree that it is much pleasure to be near with clever woman and feel that near with you brilliant.

Moreover, they are often wonderful hostess. But do not think that pretty Russian women isnt only good cooks and cleaners fir your hime – it is far from truth. Not everyone likes to spend all day at home, her life is not only cleaner, cleaning and kitchen. But you can be sure that back home to your beautiful Russian woman you will await some miracle, with her you will never die of hunger.

Russian women always have time for everything that she like. Normal if pretty Russian woman boil the soup, feed kids, watch TV, clean the floor, write working essay and chat with her friend by the phone and all that she make at the same time. It seems impossible, maybe even crazy, but beautiful Russian woman has time for everything while her husband only manages to go to the office. But must be noted, they often come late, can long time choose what to wear or long time make a make up. But maybe this is a feature not only of Russian women, it is a feature of all women.

Here we say about brightest and the most popular positive sides of the nature of Russian women. Here we not say about style, fashionable and classy way of dressing, their natural beauty and beautiful smiles – all of this you will see with your own eyes if you want to meet with russian women.

But not happen all perfectly, every coin always has two sides. It’s sad, but we must say about that. The biggest trouble that is Russian beauties often overly proud. But it works like this, all their pride is a way to show to the man that they want affection, warmth, tenderness and care. They try to help him understand that she can be offended when he did not notice her new dress, that was so problemm to choose. They can Spend a lot of time on makeup, for to be nice to you, so do not be lazy to make a compliment, she’ll be happy. Coming home show that you see that she keeps the house clean, praise dinner that she cook for you. Otherwise, you may get angry and disappointment Russian woman.

At first steps of building relationships Russian woman can be too much accurate and suspicions. Women can communicate with you long time, many days and nights but when deal go to the date in the real life she can start to worry and worry about your meeting, she start found through all the possible negative variations regarding your meeting. Read this article with advices at our site and choice what is better to melt heart of your beloved women. In any situation be better date her in her native city, meet with she in some natural (usual for she) place or in some touristic country where both of you can spend interesting time together even if decide that you are not made for each other.

You must try to be careful, gentle and soft with your woman and she give you her heart. It is normal if she touch your nerves, normal if at your life together you have some little conflicts, normally if she has any whim from time to time, but dont forget that she is a woman and this action is a part of her nature and character. Agree that when all is cloudless it gets be boring and maybe because of that womens are made little crazy with their fantasies. And remember that happy women make you happy too.