Slavic women

Slavic women.

Vodka, oil, weapons, and … women – objects of Slavic pride. It is interesting where else women are considered a national pride?

Every country gives to the residents own flair and character thats made geographically and historically, formed by culture and life. Therefore women of each country is particular value. Invaluable. Precious.

But what’s so special about the Slavic women?

External beauty.

Face. Slav really beautiful, at least, they hear it all the time. They know that they are beautiful, they like to make themselves beautiful, and they enjoy the fact that they are beautiful. “Beauty save the world” – these words are ascribed to any Russian classics.

The secret of this special beauty lay in a wild mixed East and West. What only nations lived and roamed in the territory of contemporary Russia – the Proto-Indo-Europeans, the Slavs, the Scandinavians, the Mongol-Tatars, Germans, and many others. Even now here lives more than 100 nationalities and 27 official languages considered of a second state. All this mix boiled in Russia by centuries, and result – charming mix of east and west: the high cheekbones and round face, soft features and fair skin, green / blue / gray eyes and predominantly dark blond or dark brown hair.


Most of the Slavic women – holders of shapes “hourglass” or “pear”,  sign of the high level of the female hormone estrogen. This gives them the feminine and therefore makes attractive for men. In Western countries, women generally have a figure “apple”, indicating that the overvalued level of the male hormone testosterone.


While Western “colleagues” often criticized Slavic women in bad taste, Russian still keep and cherish their love of bright colors in clothes. A passion for color, gold, silver, precious stones, likely legacy of the East and, most likely, will never be understood by the West. Another integral part of the wardrobe of a Russian woman, who also never be accepted and understood in the West – it is fur. The simple reason of that – the weather conditions in much of the country. The winters are so cold that no down jackets do not save.

Slavic women possess great power of endurance and patience. They tolerate stupid drunkenness his men, who sometimes even proud by this drunkenness. They suffer beatings of drunken husbands. They tolerate it for a long time, many – all life. But some want a different fate. They are looking for a foreign / western men who take care of them.

Russia – “female” country according to scientific research of intercultural communication. This implies a system of values prevailing in the society. The so-called “male” qualities – this competition, appraised, ambition and hoarding material wealth. While the “female” culture puts emphasis on the relationship between people and the quality of life. That explains a lot in Russia – why Slavic women are so caring why they support the men why they are so kind and why they have so developed maternal instincts. I think it’s just that, along with femininity and beauty so attracted western men.


Their strength lies in patience, the ability to forgive, in the struggle for the survival of themselves and their families, to stay beautiful despite all the hardships of life. But most of all their strength in the fact that they … show your weakness, especially with men.


Besides power and beauty, Slavic women are often well-educated and hard-working. Literacy and education level of Russia’s population (142 million) are relatively high, mainly due to the Soviet system of education. About 92% of Russians have completed at least high school, and 15% have higher education (university and above).


But listed above all the wonderful features are absolutely useless without one, and this one I put above all in the human values – spirituality. Russian spirituality differs from the Eastern or European. Due to the complete prohibition of religion in the Soviet times, people freed from ritualism and religious traditions. In the absence of churches / temples / mosques people seek God first of all in their hearts.

What you might not find in a Slavic woman – is the joy of beating the key, fun, hot temperament.

Instead, this is a kind of lyricism, mystery, deep love and compassion, tenderness and ability to devote himself to the fact that expensive.

And yet – Russian eyes. Open, honest and a little melancholic. Eyes reflecting the eternal struggle between the West mind and soul of the East. Eyes of lost child.