Two secret words about red-haired russian and ukrainian brides

Two secret words about red-haired brides

Every man knows that about every woman he could learn a lot from her appearance. What is the color of her eyes? How does it look – her favorite make-up? Well, what is the color of his lady-love’s lipstick and not only. To say the truth, the most interesting information is «coded» in the color of her hair. Please, remember, things said below refer to the natural color of woman’s hair. If your lady paint her hair, probably, she is being displeased of her natural information, and wishing to correct not only an image of her own, but also some character traits.

read head beauty russian woman

If to analyze red headed Russian girls, these sexy brides are being emotional more than others and possess as women with «explosive» temperament. The reason is that they produce less antistress hormones, than women with other colors of a hair. Red-haired Ukrainian women are emotional, gusty and sometimes inconsistent. Women with red colors of hair hate, when they are being under press and hardly reconciled from different family conventions, they preferring to be reputed as unique persons, than to tread on a throat to the own song and to behave «as it should be».

Hotties with red color of their hair have firm belief, that nobody must do what they won’t. These sexy and temperamentally hot ladies try to actively incarnate this principle in life. Russians Redheaded wanted to sneeze on authorities, for their opinion, there are only two important persons in life, and it is she and her one-unique man. They hardly get along in a collective, just because red foxies prefer to «go out of step» and to get a status of lone «persons».

red-haired russian bride

In relations the redheaded rarely «filter» their utterances , spontaneity is one of the “devoted” traits of the character. It looks like they are not being interested to occupy their own minds at all! By the way, this spontaneity spreads on all spheres of their life, including sexual. Interesting, that these beautiful foxies have sex more frequently than others; but also russian red-haired hotties manage to do it with different partners. In addition, these girls are able to think unconventionally.

Red color is not presented in a clean kind, but has some epithets to be explained: autonomous, offensive, motor, aggressive, influencing, persons interested, excitant. In science the red-orange is associated with the active experiencing of anger (31%) and gladness (29%), correlated with activity and extroversion. Are you still wondering that russian red-haired brides are being active, irrepressible, emotional and so impassioned women?

red hair russian woman

If to describe hot bride, which has red color of her hair, in two secret words, what would they be? Of course, first is expression. This word could explain the biggest part of red-haired women temperament. One of the need-able things in life for a lady with a red hair is to show her feelings to others, she will always try to voice to her man what is on her mind for now and sometimes it pushes men away from such open-minded brides. And second secret word is wild. Around ukrainian red-haired women people often making stories where this woman described as a wild card. Why is it so? Because females with such a hot temperament search the way to tell everybody who they are. Sometimes their tries being absurd, but always unforeseen. In other words, red colored hairs women love to get extreme, and the talk is not about parachute jumps or high speed racing, but about spiritual side of your life. But do not relax, please, such great invitations as to spend your free time in diving or other extremely sport activities, you will get almost every next week. Do not be afraid, maybe through one of them you will find a hobby closely to your heart. Sometimes to be experienced person is to be comprehensively intelligent and intellectually matured. Learn a lot from russian red-haired brides, their way to be energize and to amaze people by what they do – it is only kind of game. Now you know more secrets about women with red hair. And if you remember the secret of happiness , never take life for serious, live, play, love!!! Red-haired women were born to remind you this!